Case Studies

30 yr old male Generalised anxiety.

David presented at the BWS due to experiencing generalised anxiety and panic. David felt that the anxiety was debilitating and ruining his life. The impact of anxiety was affecting his work performance, his attendance and his relationships.
David had tried various treatments in the past with no longstanding success.
So was hoping the BWS could assist in aiding him to move forward in his life.

David reported taking so much time off work due to anxiety and low mood not being able to face the day. He had concerns of stable employment and worried about what the future held because of these behaviours.

The initial indicator ratings below:

  • Stress 7 Anxiety 7 Depression 5 Feeling flat 7 Moods 5 Tension 5 Worry 6
  • Confusion 6 Loss of Clarity 5 Fatigue 7 Fear 7 Grief 5 Insomnia 4 Anger 6
  • Aggression 6 Jealousy 6 Negative Thoughts 7 Sadness,7 Emotionally Reactive 5
  • Hate 3 Negative Attitudes 5 Negative Thinking 7

David had a brain that was in survival mode. All perceptions were unhealthy. On the whole David was not coping with life, resilience was low and vulnerability high.

This journey was a rocky one for David . The first 4 sessions saw David continuing to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. David was coached in between sessions to deal with the anxiety and was aware that this journey would take time as a sense of safety and stability needed to be created in the brain. David purchased the anxiety audio to support him in between sessions.

Progress report : By session 5 there was a reduction in all indicators. David had had 6 sessions in total at this point . And it wasn’t until we reached this stage that things began to shift for him.

  • Stress 7-4 Anxiety 7-4 Depression 5-2 Feeling flat 7-2 Moods 5-2
  • Tension 5-2 Worry 6-3 Confusion 6-3 Loss of Clarity 5-2 Fatigue 7-5
  • Fear 7-4 Grief 5-2 Insomnia 4-3 Anger 6-3 Aggression 6-3 Jealousy 6-3
  • Negative Thoughts 7-4 Sadness,7-5 Emotionally Reactive5-3 Hate 3-2
  • Negative Attitudes 5-3 Negative Thinking 7-4

David by this stage carried himself with more energy and confidence. David reports noticing the changes in him self even though he had stressors in his relationship and in work. David reported doing well in all areas of his life. He spoke about feeling more confident, but was most happy with people in his life noticing the changes.

By session 7 David reports feeling like a different person. There were still some environmental stressors impacting , but overall David was feeling optimistic and anxiety was not as debilitating and ruling his life as it had done in the past.

  • Stress 7-4-3 Anxiety 7-4-3 Depression 5-2-1 Feeling flat 7-2-1 Moods 5-2-1
  • Tension 5-2-1 Worry 6-3-1 Confusion 6-3-1 Loss of Clarity 5-2-1 Fatigue 7-5-2
  • Fear 7-4-3 Grief 5-2-1 Insomnia 4-3-3 Anger 6-3-1 Aggression 6-3-1
  • Jealousy 6-3-2 Negative Thoughts 7-4-1 Sadness,7-5-1
  • Emotionally Reactive 5-3-1 Hate 3-2-1 Negative Attitudes 5-3-1
  • Negative Thinking 7-4-1

In reviewing perceptions all were identified as healthy, compared to the initial session with all perceptions being unhealthy.

Final empowerment session.

  • Stress 7-4-3-4 Anxiety 7-4-3-3 Depression 5-2-1-2 Feeling flat 7-2-1-5
  • Moods 5-2-1-2 Tension 5-2-1-3 Worry 6-3-1-2 Confusion 6-3-1-2
  • Loss of Clarity 5-2-1-2 Fatigue 7-5-2-5 Fear 7-4-3-4 Grief 5-2-1-2
  • Insomnia 4-3-3-4 Anger 6-3-1-1 Aggression 6-3-1-1 Jealousy 6-3-2-1
  • Negative Thoughts 7-4-1-2 Sadness,7-5-1-3 Emotionally Reactive5-3-1-2
  • Hate 3-2-1-1 Negative Attitudes 5-3-1-1 Negative Thinking 7-4-1-4

David reported being in a clearer head space than when he started his journey at the BWS . He reported that some of the indicator scores are a reflection of his work environment and pressures. However David reported feeling more competent and confident in this area despite the stress and anxiety.

Generalised anxiety was seen as minimal and was reported that if and when bouts of anxiety occur, he was able to deal with this better and comes out of this quicker. The anxiety being experienced at this time was work related.

Pete – 48 Years Old

When Pete, aged 48, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa he was struggling to control his frustration and anger towards others. Pete had been involved in a car accident two years prior to commencing his treatment and believes it was this incident that had an impact on his brain and changed his persona.

During the accident he remembers hitting his head, but no official brain injury was found. However, he was very aware that something wasn’t quite right as he started to become very intolerant and short tempered, vague, attached into stress more and found life difficult to cope with. Additionally, he found himself feeling very emotional, crying frequently and experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression regularly.

Prior to attending Pete was skeptical about what he would achieve, but after finishing his first recoding session he reported that he was very aware that his brain felt different. He said he felt like his brain had been emptied and that his mind chatter had gone. All Pete’s indicators were successfully changed after his first session and he confirmed that he could not emotionally attach Into his previous traumas, instead his mind was blank and he felt neutral when attempting to think about them.

One week after his initial session he continued to notice his brain behaving differently, specially because he hadn’t been losing his temper at small things that would usually trigger him. Pete also reported a greater sense of calmness, that his sleeping had improved and that he was feeling less stressed in general.

As he progressed through treatment he reported not attaching into environmental triggers that were out of his control. Plus, feeling more positive due to less negative thoughts and thinking. After session four Pete reported that he no longer experienced feelings of loneliness, being isolated, unhappiness, desperation, unable to cope with life, hopelessness, being unloved, being unwanted, giving up on life, or never having a better life. This indicated that his perceptions, that make up his constructed reality inside his mind, were now healthy.

After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program Pete was no longer struggling to control his temperament of anger and aggression. He reported that he was now able to control his emotions and respond to others in a rational manner. Furthermore, that he’s continued to be successful at not letting circumstances that are out of his control impact on him negatively. Peter stated he was now able to look at things from a different perspective, giving him the ability to easily detach himself from stress. “ The Brain Wellness Spa has made a definitive change in me and my life.

Mary – 30 Years Old

When Mary, aged 30, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was burnt out from stress and suffering with anxiety. “I entered this wellness centre a very anxious, stressed person who over thought every situation”. She advised that her anxiety had became so bad that she was suffering panic attacks, vomiting and struggled to breathe at times. Additionally, that she would become very attached and tunnel visioned by her irrational thoughts, which caused her to over think and constantly worry.

Unfortunately for Mary her brain was in burn out, everyday was a struggle for her. Her anxiety was so severe that she was in a constant sense of fear, resulting in significant ‘mind chatter’, whereby her mind was bombarded by irrational and unwanted thoughts. Mary believes her anxiety first started at a young age when she was bullied by peers in primary school.

After finishing her first recoding session, we successfully changed all Mary’s indicators. Whereby she no longer felt stressed, anxious, mind chatter was gone, as well as her worrying thoughts. Instead her brain felt relaxed, calm, lighter and empty. She could also no longer emotionally attach into her previous traumas. For this reason she walked out smiling, feeling more positive and hopeful of her future.

As Mary continued through treatment she noticed that the circumstances around her life had become more stressful, however was aware she was coping with it more effectively, as the stress did not impact on her as much. She noticed her panic disorder and anxiety symptoms weren’t as intense and that they occurred less frequently. Also that her anxiety came and went quickly instead of being around consistently.

By session five Mary reported that she had been feeling great. She reported not experiencing any real anxiety since her last session. Furthermore, that she had been more present and focused on her life, hadn’t been attaching into stress or over thinking situations before hand. At session six Mary said she “feels like a normal person”, and that she never expected to feel so good. She reported no issues or struggles and was very aware that her usual triggers weren’t impacting on her.

After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program Mary no longer struggles with panic disorder or anxiety. Mary has continued to feel great in her mental health, reporting that her anxiety is under control and that she is loving the results. In fact she has enjoyed the program so much she decided to continue on with further sessions to reach her ‘emotional peak’.

Jenny – 36 Years Old

When Jenny, aged 36, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks.  “I had been struggling with anxiety for a while when I hit a wall and didn’t know what to do next. I was nervous all the time, scared even, terrified to speak in front of people, stressed about everything and generally not in the best place”.

Her brain was in crisis mode, constantly in a sense of fear, resulting in a constant sense of worry, mind chatter and unwanted thoughts. More specifically, her fear was in relation to driving over bridges after seeing a tragic news story on television. After viewing this story Jenny would have a panic attack upon realising she was close to a bridge and would have to pull her car over. As a result, Jenny was constantly having to prepare travels plans for the day to ensure she would not need to utilise any bridges, thus adding significant time delays to her daily travels.

After finishing her first recoding session, Jenny reported that she could no longer emotionally attach into her previous traumas. That her brain felt lighter and empty and that her mind was very quiet. Additionally, she reported no longer feeling anxious, or having worrying thoughts and that her problems no longer worried her.

As she progressed through treatment she noticed big improvements, including no panic attacks and less physical anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, her anxiety became duller and she noticed herself recovering from any stress/anxiety quicker. Jenny was delighted when she managed to drive over a bridge without having a panic attack within a few weeks of beginning her sessions.

By week six Jenny reported that she had achieved her brain goals of relief from anxiety, a more positive outlook, self empowerment and stress reduction. That her mind had remained peaceful and she was not not bothered by mind chatter. After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program Jenny was no longer struggles with anxiety or irrational thoughts. She reported “I feel more confident, the mind chatter has all but disappeared and I truly believe I can now be the best version of myself. I cannot thank you enough Ryan and the Brain Wellness Spa for getting me back on track”

Angela – 54 Years Old

When Angela, aged 54, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she had been struggling with Bipolar. She had previously attempted to take her own life and had been accustomed to experiencing suicidal thoughts. She advised that the medication she had been taking had helped her to an extent, however, she still suffered with feeling flat, low and sad most of the time.

She had seen both a psychologist and a psychiatrist for many years, taken various medications and even attended bipolar support groups. Angela felt these things helped her at the time, however she reported “I’d end up thinking, feeling and behaving the same after a short period of time.” This was because these conscious brain methods weren’t able to change the way her brain functioned and she was unable to micromanage herself with her busy work/life schedule.

Upon arrival at Brain Wellness Spa, Angela was feeling burnt out and unable to cope with her life. After her first session, all of her indicators had successfully changed, she no longer felt stressed, anxious, or depressed, and the mind chatter had stopped. Additionally, she was unable to emotionally connect in with her previous traumas and therefore did not feel distressed by them. Within the first few weeks of treatment Angela reported she noticed her moods were much more balanced and that she was coping better with her usual stress triggers.

By session five Angela was feeling both a greater sense of inner peace and calmness in her mind. She also reported feeling more energetic and less fatigued, which she was enjoying. By session eight, the end of her Emotional Empowerment Program, Angela confirmed she had achieved her initial goals of happiness, to stop worrying, balanced moods, stability in her mind and to look forward to her new life.
After completing her sessions Angela felt so good that she slowly began lowering her medication levels (in line with her Doctors recommendations). She now attends the Brain Wellness Spa once a month for maintenance of her bipolar.

Sarah – 33 Years Old

When Sarah, aged 33, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was was suffering with anxiety, depression and parental stress syndrome. She was struggling with the major life change of no longer working, instead staying at home to raise her baby. She felt like she was constantly living in her head, thinking of useless stuff that would disturb her brain and cause her to become negative.

Sarah reported that when her anxiety kicked in she felt like she was “falling down a rabbit hole and couldn’t control [her] brain”. She was unable to pinpoint when she felt like her problems started, but was aware that her stress levels increased with the reality of looking after her baby.
Before attending her sessions she had self-medicated with sleeping tablets in an attempt to lower her cortisol levels at night in order to sleep. Additionally, she had turned to alcohol and other drugs in an attempt to switch off her brain. These methods failed, an in turn increased her anxiety and mind chatter as a result of weakening the neurons in her brain.

The week following her initial session Sarah reported that she felt good. When asked what good meant to her she said she felt her “mind had slowed down”, she was feeling “more present” and was now “able to appreciate the small things in [her] life again”. This was because she was no longer distracted by the constant flow of negative thoughts and was therefore able to engage properly in the world around her.

By week two Sarah advised she was no longer emotionally affected by previous triggers that used to upset her. She felt this was because her brain wasn’t attaching into the triggers she used to previously. After completing the eight step Emotional Empowerment Program, Sarah confirmed she appreciated both herself and her life again. She was now enjoying the time spent with her baby at home and and felt happy. She was no longer hindered by anxiety or suffering with negativity.

Brad – 18 Years Old

When Brad, aged 18, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa he was suffering with severe anxiety and depression. His brain was in crisis mode, he constantly felt on edge and tense in his body. He was struggling with his brain perceiving fear, resulting in a constant sense of worry, negative thoughts and mind chatter.

As a result, Brad had become completely introverted, disconnecting himself from family and friends as he felt unhappy, desperate and unable to cope with life. In a time when he should have be out experiencing the world, he was instead locking himself away in order to survive the chaos that was occurring inside his mind.

During his first recoding session he experienced tingling throughout his body and a sense that he was floating. After finishing, Brad reported he felt completely relaxed, calm, positive and unable to connect into his previous worries; a state of mind he hadn’t remembered feeling for a very long time. He left smiling and feeling very hopeful.

As he progressed through his sessions he began to feel less anxious, less emotionally reactive, and more in control of his emotions. He advised that “things aren’t bothering me like they used to”. He also said he was feeling calmer in himself in general. By week six Brad reported he was now engaging in conversations and had started going out with friends again. His anxiety was now down to 3 (initially it was a 9 out of 10) and he was feeling less fatigued and sleeping better, due to having a quiet mind.

After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program, Brad’s perceptions have changed, he is loving life and looking forward to a brighter future. In fact, he loved the positive results of the sessions so much he booked in extra sessions to help himself reach his emotional peak.

Chris – 42 Years Old

When Chris*, aged 42, first came to Brain Wellness Spa he was at his lowest point. Not only was he struggling with the end of his relationship and separation from his three children, Chris was also a drug addict and had been using crystal methamphetamine every day for a year.
Chris was three days sober when he came in for his first session; he was emotionally and psychologically distraught. He had gone from a confident and passionate businessman to a broken, aggressive and anxious person. However, after his first session Chris had already changed, he felt relaxed, quiet, calm and neutral to his worries.

By session four, with the help of a drug counsellor, Chris’ entire attitude had changed. He was attending business meetings, building his confidence, focused and passionate. Chris was reconnecting with his ex-partner and maintaining a strong relationship with his children. Even more amazingly, Chris had remained sober the entire time.

At our most recent session, session five, Chris said he felt “bullet proof” and his confidence was beaming out of him. In just five weeks, Chris is so far from the person he was when he first walked through the Brain Wellness Spa doors.

He already plans to finish the eight Emotional Empowerment sessions, followed by some sessions to further his confidence and help achieve his business goals.

Heidi Anderson

When radio personality, Heidi Anderson, first came to Brain Wellness Spa, she had been suffering with anxiety for almost a decade.
Even though she had a great support system and a job she loved, the diagnosis of anxiety doesn’t discriminate and was still causing Heidi to battle daily with the overwhelming emotions attached to the illness. Last year, after experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks, Heidi went public about her battle.

In her Perth Now article, My Ongoing Battle With Anxiety and Mental Health Issues, she explained suffering in silence with irrational thinking and self-esteem issues was only worsening her situation:

“Some days (truthfully, not many) I would come home with a smile on my face and every other day I would be sad, angry or just withdrawn. I drank alcohol almost every night. Numbing the anxiety is what made me feel alive, but then I would wake the next morning and feel 10 times worse.”

Heidi was also overcome with thoughts of dying, a common factor for people who experience anxiety:

“I’m petrified of dying and this plays a huge part in my every day — I will sometimes think about being killed or dying in a horrific car accident more than 20 times a day.”

It’s been a year since this article was published and two months since Heidi has started coming to Brain Wellness Spa.
After her first session, Heidi started to see immediate changes in the severity of her social anxiety and also began controlling her negative thoughts better. As the weeks progressed, she started to notice her recovery time improving and found her emotions were easier to manage.
By session four, most of Heidi’s indicators had reduced by 80 per cent and she even mentioned us in her follow up Perth Now article, My Battle With Anxiety – One Year On:

“For the past few weeks, I have also been trying something new! Do yourselves a favour, and look up the ‘Brain and Wellness Spa’ in South Perth, which is owned and run by Terri Bowman.. super relaxing and not confronting at all.”

Heidi has just finished all eight sessions and is focusing on her self esteem through our Self Esteem Extreme program, and she is already starting to feel the benefits.

‘I have definitely seen improvements & really noticed my mind changing. I’m excited when I look in the mirror now, because i almost always try find the positive. I still sometimes, like everyone else, have moments of negativity & bad days, but not nearly as many. The change continues with yourself at home too, you have to want to help yourself. I’m so thankful I come along & had the passionate staff dedicated to inspire & help me mentally. Thank you’
Heidi Anderson

Lucy – 13 Years Old

A few weeks ago, Sarah* brought her, 13 year old, daughter Lucy* to Brain Wellness Spa after she was diagnosed with ‘school refusal’. School refusal is when a child refuses to attend school due to emotional distress. It is not the same as being truant – children with school refusal often wish to attend school, but feel mentally incapable. This was the case with Lucy.

Lucy is a popular year 8 student who in general enjoys school, seeing her friends and going to class. However, over the past year her school refusal has been acting up and it seemed as soon as Lucy seemed to be warming up to school, the school refusal would kick in again and she would be back at home.

Unfortunately for Lucy, this now means she is being home schooled for the term- even though she desperately wants to back at school with her friends. At this stage, simply driving past the school was enough to give Lucy clammy hands and an anxious response.
Another issue for Lucy was sleeping alone at night, likely related to some childhood traumas. After only 2 sessions of the Emotional Empowerment Program at Brain Wellness Spa, Lucy was sleeping in her own bed each night without the overwhelming nervous feeling she had previously felt.

This was a great sign; it meant Lucy was starting to let go of nervous attachments within her unconscious mind. These are likely the same nervous attachments that have stopped her from attending class.
After 3 sessions (4 weeks), Lucy’s stress, anxiety and worry had all dropped by at least 40 – 50 per cent. Lucy recognised she was feeling more confident and less nervous in her day to day life.

Last week was Lucy’s 6th week in the program, and I received a text message from Sarah telling me that Lucy and herself had driven to the school twice in one week. Lucy sat in the car with her mum and while she was a little worried that people may see her, her nervous behaviours weren’t activated – no rubbing hangs together, no clammy palms or stressed breathing; huge improvements for someone who only a few weeks ago was in panic at the thought of being near the building at all.

Slowly Sarah will continue to introduce Lucy back to school surroundings, and myself, Sarah and Lucy are confident that the Emotional Empowerment Program is just what she needs to get over that last hump. We’ve also discussed incorporating some confidence and self esteem programs from the Spa Menu to help her even further.

At this stage, I truly believe Lucy will be back at school with her friends for next term. The Emotional Empowerment program produces amazing results with regard to helping people overcome their fears and start living their lives at their full potential.
‘School refusal is an awful thing to watch your child go through and I am so grateful I came across the Brain Wellness Spa when googling ways to help anxiety. We had tried a few other things with various results.

There is definitely a change in her nervousness and anxiety around school now and it is all positive.’
Sarah, Lucy’s Mum

Claire – 27 Years Old

Claire*, aged 27, started coming to Brain Wellness Spa when her parents went through a separation. She was struggling with anxiety and failing to accept the fact that her father had met another woman and was leaving her mother.
Although Claire had maintained a strong relationship with her father throughout the separation, she was still feeling as though her brain was resistant to accepting the new reality.

Claire completed the Emotional Empowerment Program and Acing Acceptance and attributes the fact that her relationship with her parents has been unhindered by the separation to her work with Brain Wellness Spa.
** Names have been changed for confidentiality

‘I would always love my Dad, no matter what. However, this program, in particular Acing Acceptance from the spa menu, has helped me detach from him cheating on my mum and in turn has helped me move on quicker and focus on maintaining a happy and genuine relationship with my dad.’


Mary*, age 48, was diagnosed with Cerebellar Atrophy about two years ago and had developed severe anxiety in regard to the condition. Cerebellar Atrophy, is a degenerative process which causes neurons in the cerebellum – the area of the brain that controls coordination and balance to deteriorate and die.

The diagnosis turned a once happy, fun-loving and go-getting Mary into a nervous hermit. She was scared to leave the house, fearful of falling over in public and afraid of being judged by other people. Mary had previously been the life of the party, but since her diagnosis she felt trapped – she avoided social events and places with big crowds of people. The illness, rather the anxiety associated to the illness, began to control her life.
Mary came to Brain Wellness Spa when she realised she had enough of living in fear and wanted to claim her life back. I worked with Mary through the Emotional Empowerment Program and Acing Acceptance. By session 4, Mary said she “felt like one million bucks”, all her emotional indicators had dropped by more than 50 percent, and as the weeks progressed she was feeling more and more confident.

Mary feels like she is in control of her life again and no longer experiences the fears that once held her back. The Emotional Empowerment Program and Acing Acceptance were able to give Mary back her confidence, happiness and happy-go-lucky attitude that she missed so desperately.

** Names have been changed for confidentiality