Jenny’s Burnout

Jenny presented at the Brain Wellness Spa due to feeling that she was burnt out; no energy no motivation and sheer mental exhaustion. Jenny... Read More »


Kay Was in Crisis Mode

Kay came to see us in a state of crisis. Unable to control her negative feelings which would come and go daily impacting... Read More »


Overthinking Everything Was Liam’s Life

Liam came to see us for anxiety and depression. When he initially came to see us he was really struggling with creating an... Read More »


Lainey’s Life of Stress, Burnout and Unhappiness

Lainey presented at the Brain Wellness Spa in a state of burnout. Feeling stressed all the time. Finding it difficult to carry out... Read More »


Jade was Moody, Angry and Depressed

Jade presented to Brain Wellness Spa with a combination of  anxiety, anger and depression. Jade felt as though a lack of security and... Read More »


Sarah’s Struggle with Self Esteem

Sarah had struggled for many years with low self esteem and was often triggered by feelings of not being enough. She had experienced... Read More »


Dennis – 40 years old

Dennis sought help from the Brain Wellness Spa due to the impact past traumas were having upon his life. To an outsider everything... Read More »


46-year-old male experiencing depression and anxiety

Paul presented at the spa due to severe depression coupled with anxiety. Paul had been experiencing these for the last 6 years. He... Read More »



Jason presented at BWS after going through many transitions over the last eight months. From moving home, leaving family, and a change in... Read More »



Jane aged 70 presented at BWS due to her anger levels and irritability. Jane had no diagnosed illnesses and no trauma history. Jane felt... Read More »



Tia presented at the BWS as she felt unable to regulate her emotions. She had been experiencing episodes of depression on and off... Read More »


30 yr old male Generalised anxiety.

David presented at the BWS due to experiencing generalised anxiety and panic. David felt that the anxiety was debilitating and ruining his life.... Read More »


Pete – 48 Years Old

When Pete, aged 48, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa he was struggling to control his frustration and anger towards others. Pete had... Read More »


Mary – 30 Years Old

When Mary, aged 30, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was burnt out from stress and suffering with anxiety. “I entered this... Read More »


Jenny – 36 Years Old

When Jenny, aged 36, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks.  “I had been struggling... Read More »


Angela – 54 Years Old

When Angela, aged 54, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she had been struggling with Bipolar. She had previously attempted to take her... Read More »


Brad – 18 Years Old

When Brad, aged 18, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa he was suffering with severe anxiety and depression. His brain was in crisis... Read More »


Chris – 42 Years Old

When Chris*, aged 42, first came to Brain Wellness Spa he was at his lowest point. Not only was he struggling with the... Read More »


Heidi Anderson

When radio personality, Heidi Anderson, first came to Brain Wellness Spa, she had been suffering with anxiety for almost a decade. Even though she... Read More »


Lucy – 13 Years Old

A few weeks ago, Sarah* brought her, 13 year old, daughter Lucy* to Brain Wellness Spa after she was diagnosed with ‘school refusal’.... Read More »



Mary*, age 48, was diagnosed with Cerebellar Atrophy about two years ago and had developed severe anxiety in regard to the condition. Cerebellar... Read More »


Dave James – Freedom is right here for you to have now

Dave has suffered from Anxiety for many years. He noticed that it would trigger most when he was isolated and this caused him... Read More »


Sarah – 33 Years Old

When Sarah, aged 33, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was was suffering with anxiety, depression and parental stress syndrome. She was... Read More »


Lucy Overcame her Childhood & Adult Trauma

Lucy initially presented struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, PTSD, together with childhood and adult trauma. Lucy described herself as being very committed to... Read More »