Ed Jenkin’s Brain Date

Ed Jenkins is the former captain of the Australia national rugby sevens team. The father-of-one experiences his own mental health challenges, especially since his recent career transition. Ed attributes regular brain dates to keeping himself feeling mentally and physically well. His brain date of choice: GOLF.

Jordan Bruno’s Brain Date

Former MKR contestant Jordan Bruno takes us on this week’s Brain Date. Jordan finds many aspects of his local farmers’ market prevent him from the winter blues. From socialising to stall holders, to being surrounded by doggos. From the vitamin D and early morning chirping birds to indulging in gourmet and nourishing fresh food.

Nathan Charles’ Brain Date

Rugby Union Player, Nathan Charles, shares his number 1 tip for coping with anxiety. Nathan goes on regular Brain Dates to switch off. Golfing is his time to be surrounded by nature, doing something he loves, and being completely present in the moment. When he is at the golf course, Nathan feels a sense of clarity and peace in his mind.

Lachlan Samuel’s Brain Date

Lachlan is a speaker and host of the mental health podcast, Open Up. A while back, Lachlan experienced depression as a FIFO worker which led him to a suicide attempt. Now, Lachlan is working hard to make mental health mainstream. One thing he does for his own mental health is committing to a morning routine. Meditation, cold shower, gratitude journalling, and his morning walk are the four things Lachlan now does daily to keep himself mentally well.

Ross Wallman’s Brain Date

Local radio announcer Ross Wallman makes the time each weekend for his brain date which is walking along City Beach with his wife and their dog; rain, hail or shine! Ross finds that spending time with his two favourite souls and being outdoors while active really lifts his mood. The father-to-be describes his walks as “meditation” like. Congratulations to Ross and his gorgeous wife Annabelle on their exciting news. We know that you both have the tools to raise one happy and healthy child.

Asha Holland’s Brain Date

Asha from Alternatively Healthy has a passion for wellness. As a mindset coach herself, Asha stresses the importance of regular Brain Dates for mental health. When Asha was younger she suffered with anorexia. After a long recovery from over-exercising and under-eating, Asha is now an advocate for positive body image. One thing Asha does to keep her mental health in check is simply getting outside of the house. Her Brain Dates include, going for walks on the beach, writing her thoughts down, going to cafes by herself, and simply being around people.

Solonge Italiano’s Brain Date

Solonge is a bereaved mother to twin boys Leo & Cruz. To cope through her grief Solonge has found great relief in going on regular brain dates. Whenever she can, Solonge will grab a coffee, pack some lunch and a book and head down to Pinneroo Memorial Park to spend time with her angel babies. ? Solonge finds that the nature, wildlife and sunshine there always lifts her mood. The grieving process is about accepting and making time for our feelings and allowing them to truely show up. We are so proud to feature Solonge in our brain dates as she has made great impact on other bereaved parents by openly sharing her journey of grief.

Chantel’s Brain Date

Chantel is a national youth ambassador for Headspace. What motivates her be a passionate mental health advocate is her own lived experience. Being hospitalised for an eating disorder and anxiety as a young vulnerable woman led Chantel eager to create change in the mental health system. Chantel is now living her life trying to make other people’s recovery journies that little bit easier. Chantel is also a peer support worker for NSW health, a migrant support educator for the Red Cross, teachers aid for high school kids experiencing mental ill health, coordinator for St Vincent de Paul foster children support program, volunteer for The Big Anxiety, and recently started volunteering for White Ribbon Australia. Chantel attributes self care to playing a vital part in her recovery and wanted to share her go-to brain date with you, all the way from Sydney.

Samuel Pilot’s Brain Date

To celebrate NAIDOC week, we caught up with local Whujuk man, Samuel-Yombich Pilot Kickett. In his Brain Date Samuel shows us what he likes to do for his mental health. Taking a break for Sam includes heading to his local park and embracing nature. Sam is a radio broadcaster, actor, didjeridoo player and cultural educator. In 2017 he won a NAIDOC Perth Award for his work within the community. Samuel believes that to reduce the suicide rates in our youth, we need to encourage them to get talking, to get back into the community and to get back into nature.

Carla Da Costa’s Brain Date

Carla is the founder of The Women’s Wellness Movement, so, she is all about teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle. Carla’s favourite brain date is going for a run along the beach. Getting out of her own head is easy when she’s forced to focus her energy in the present moment and by that we mean the temporary physical pain of running on sand, ouch. If you’re not into fitness, Carla’s other go-to brain date is catching up with friends. She attributes her positive mindset to spending time with uplifting people.