16 Jun

The Best Mindfulness & Meditation Apps

Meditation has been used in Eastern civilizations for thousands of years. Yet only in more recent times have we had the technology and scientific research to substantiate the specific benefits that meditation and mindfulness practice can bring to a person’s life, such as: Reduces Stress, Anger, Anxiety and Depression Improves… Read more »

16 Jun

Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

A Panic Attack is best described as a sudden and intense feeling of fear, anxiety and dread that something is not right and you are in a potentially harmful situation. These feeling appear often without warning even when there is no actual threat close. There are many symptoms that are… Read more »

30 May

Is Bipolar Curable?

It is normal for us as human beings to experience fluctuations in our mood based on our environment and experiences. And just like some people will experience certain moods more than others, some of us will experience fluctuations between these moods more than others too. Bipolar disorder on the other… Read more »

24 May

What Causes Postnatal Depression?

Postnatal Depression is a very common mental illness that affects around one in six women within the first year of having a baby. Even though it is very common it can also easily go undiagnosed, with only 25% of all cases believed to be professionally diagnosed and treated by a… Read more »