14 Jul

3 Common Habits Of Unhappy People

Despite all the physical and material success and possessions one may have in there life it is clear to see that these things are no guarantee of happiness. On the other hand I’m sure would of seen people from third world countries living in desperate poverty who still have the… Read more »

16 Jun

The Best Mindfulness & Meditation Apps

How Meditation and mindfulness practices  may be able to help you; Reduce Stress, Anger, Anxiety and Depression Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices (diet, exercise, and reducing smoking, alcohol and drug use) Increase Self Awareness Promote Happiness Become More Accepting and Patient Slows Ageing And as with everything these days there are… Read more »

10 Apr

What Does Depression Feel Like?

If you feel sad but you’re not sure if you are feeling depressed, you might find yourself asking – what does depression feel like? By now you’ve probably completed a number of depression questionnaires and self screening tests but you realise the symptoms just  don’t really “click with you” and your… Read more »

21 Mar

Signs of Depression in Women

Mental illness can affect anyone at anytime, and for women the likelihood of developing depression after adolescence is twice that of men. Why Are Women More Likely To Develop Depression Than Men? Men and women share the same core set of depression symptoms: depressed mood, lack of motivation, loss of… Read more »

02 Mar

How To Beat Depression Naturally

When depression takes hold of your life it can be a long, hard road back to happiness and full mental health. Out of habit and not knowing there are now better options available many people end up on antidepressant drugs that come with their own list side effects that we… Read more »

23 Feb

What Causes Depression?

Depression is an extremely debilitating illness that can affect every area of a person’s life, as anyone who has ever suffered from depression will know all too well. But because depression is a mental illness it can be hard to diagnose and past stigmas and statements around depression simply being… Read more »

19 Feb

Do I Have Depression?

We all have times when we are not feeling our best. Stress, worry, sadness, they are all natural feelings and emotions that are part of being a human. But when these negative emotions and pessimistic thoughts persist and start to impact your life in a more serious way then you… Read more »

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