04 Feb
How to Manage the Post-Holiday Blues

How to Manage the Post-Holiday Blues

We have all experienced coming back from an amazing vacation. Most people find that the holidays are full of all this joy, excitement and wonderful experiences, but the minute your holiday ends you feel sluggish when you return to your everyday. The Post-Holiday Blues are something that we can all… Read more »

30 Nov
How to be Happy

How to be Happy

What is happiness, you may find yourself asking? Happiness, in simple terms, refers to the state of feeling happy. In wider terms, happiness may be defined as regularly experiencing positive emotions, which may include joy, satisfaction and contentment, as opposed to negative emotions (such as deflation). Many of us wonder… Read more »

28 Nov
What are the Main Types of Depression

What are the Main Types of Depression?

We all face difficult times in life whereby we may feel very sad (i.e. after the passing of someone we love) or flat (i.e. after having a great idea rejected by our manager at work). However, different to these normal situations, after which these feelings fade away, depression is characterised… Read more »

05 Nov
How to Manage Depression at Work

How to Manage Depression at Work

Depression (i.e. feeling intensely flat and sad) can significantly impact a person’s ability to go about and enjoy their day-to-day life. A person who is depressed may be experiencing a number of different signs and symptoms of depression. A depressed individual may feel very miserable more often than not, in… Read more »

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