Clients with Bipolar Report Noticeable Improvement After 1st Session

Bipolar disorder is a serious psychiatric condition that is characterized by unusual or extreme shifts in mood, energy, or activity.1 While it is not unusual for a person to experience day-to-day fluctuations in how they feel, individuals with bipolar disorder suffer from changes in mood and energy that range from the extreme low of depression to the serious highs of mania or hypomania.

Mania and the less severe, hypomania, can cause significant problems at work, home, or school. In some cases, mania is significant enough to require hospitalization. Common symptoms of mania and hypomania include:

  • Abnormally elevated mood, feeling keyed up, or wired
  • Unusual increase in energy or activity that lasts for several days
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Inflated self-confidence or self-importance
  • Rapid speech or excessively talkative
  • Racing thoughts and easily distractible
  • Significant impulsivity and poor decision-making (e.g., shopping sprees, reckless promiscuity)

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition that is characterized by dramatic shifts in mood, energy, or activity levels.1 The ups and downs of bipolar are quite different than the typical day-to-day fluctuations in mood most people typically experience. The symptoms of bipolar disorder can be treated and managed in many different ways, including medication and therapy.

These periods of mania or hypomania can feel very energizing and euphoric for the individual with bipolar disorder. However, after a few days the manic symptoms begin to subside and the individual is at increased risk for slipping into a depressive episode. Common symptoms of depression include:

  • Low mood (e.g., feeling sad, empty, or hopeless)
  • Loss of interest in all or almost all usual activities
  • Significant changes in appetite or weight
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling worthless
  • Thoughts of suicide

Clients who have struggled for years with the ups and downs of bipolar disorder have reported an improved sense of wellbeing and ability to manage their cycles at the end of their very first session with our alternative QNR method at Brain Wellness Spa. You can achieve wellness and have a better life.

References 1 National Institute of Mental Health. (April 2016). Mental Health Information: Bipolar Disorder. Retrieved from: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/bipolar-disorder/index.shtml

The Brain Wellness Spa™ has become my happy place. Terri & the team are rocking my world right now. I've seen incredible results with my anxiety and so happy to say that with the Brain Wellness Spa, exercise, meditation, reading & love and support I'm feeling better than ever.Before I found Terri and Brain Wellness Spa I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. Exasperated and almost without hope I gave Brain Wellness Spa a shot and I have never looked back. This approach is affordable and effective and I encourage you to try it. If you want to chat about my experience please call me on 0433004499 but please keep in mind I live in Perth, WA and be mindful of the time difference.

Nathan Cain
Brain Wellness Spa Client

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“I wasn't sure what to expect from the Brain Wellness Spa™, but I'm sure glad I gave it a shot. You will be too. I was open to trying something that - to me - was very new. The Brain Wellness Spa is probably new to you too. You may be skeptical - as a journalist I'm encouraged to be skeptical and I was - but that doesn't mean something can't be done. It just means you haven't heard of it being done that way. I'd recommend the Brain Wellness Spa. Your brain belongs to you. Don't belong to it.”

Blake Johnson
Television News Journalist

The Brain Wellness Spa offers a 100% natural and drug-free non-traditional method for tackling the ups and downs of bipolar disorder and reclaiming your life. We have helped tens of thousands of clients, over the past 13 years, to find long-term relief from mild to severe mental illness

How QNR Works

Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR)  is a revolutionary, alternative approach that quickly and naturally promotes the removal of negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, and sensations from your brain, and replaces them with positive, more empowering ones.

Over the past decade we’ve helped thousands of mental health sufferers to attain an increased sense of wellbeing. The success of our method is based on its ability to communicate directly to the intelligence of your unconscious brain, which is different from most traditional therapies that focus on treating your conscious brain.

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After years and years of suffering anxiety and stressing over the tiniest thing, after just one session at the Brain Wellness Spa, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, both physically and mentally. The following weeks just made things better and better. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to deal with issues without actually talking about them.

Alan Bell
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Special Offer - $79 First Session


Try our introductory 'Experience Session' today, including a QNR treatment and consultation, for just $79 and normally $220

We'll request some more details so we can book your 1st appointment

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“I have just completed the Brain Wellness Spa’s 8 week program and I can’t believe how much my life has changed! I can walk through the shopping centre and remain focused on the conversation that I’m having with the person that I’m with, rather than worrying about what other people are thinking about me and if they’re judging me.

I can go to cafes and restaurants in a casual manner and not be so desperate to get home the minute I’ve put down my cutlery. I can help my friend with finding a new work outfit, and I now enjoy helping her. I have patience, tolerance, peace and joy when socialising and going about my day. My irritability and agitation has completely gone.

I no longer have the major anxiety, fears and worries that’s plagued me all these years. I am free. Completely free. And happy. Really happy.

Thank you so much Terri and your team!.”

Maree Hewitt

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Special Offer - $79 First Session


Try our introductory 'Experience Session' today, including a QNR treatment and consultation, for just $79 and normally $220

We'll request some more details so we can book your 1st appointment