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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Living with Bipolar is not easy, it brings about extreme high moods or low moods suddenly. The worst part is this mental health disorder alienates you from other people.

In bipolar these dramatic high and low moods do not follow a set pattern. These episodes can happen over a period of weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

The important thing is to focus on the future and keep trying to get better.


Signs & Symptoms of Bipolar

Symptoms of bipolar can cause unpredictable changes in mood and behaviour that may result in significant distress and difficulty in life.

Although the symptoms may vary from one individual to the other, it is usually accompanied by mania, hypomania or depression.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of bipolar:

  • Abnormally upbeat, jumpy or wired
  • Increased activity, energy or agitation
  • An exaggerated sense of well-being and self-confidence (euphoria)
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Unusual talkativeness

How does Bipolar Affect Men & Women?

While bipolar develops in men and women in about equal numbers, but the differences in the ways that the illness manifests itself.
Women with the disorder tend to have more depressive and fewer manic episodes than men do. whereas a man will usually get a manic episode first. Research suggests the hormones also play a certain role in the manifestation of bipolar.



100 % Drug-Free Alternative Natural Method for Bipolar

We aim to relieve bipolar by naturally assisting the removal of negative emotions, feelings and thoughts from the brain with the help of our safe and drug-free Emotional Empowerment Program which consists of 14 sessions.

The first ten sessions address all of your triggers so that you can be more resilient to cope with your life and the next four sessions work on sabotaging default patterns of behaviour.

The effectiveness of our program involves an engagement with the unconscious part of the brain (your automatic brain), through the use of positive auditory stimuli, a technique created by Terri Bowman, our Founder.

Client Statistics After their 1st Session

The following graph shows self-reported data of over 2000 clients’ responses about how they felt before and after the Introductory session. The good news is that 97.4% of our clients feel a noticeable difference at the end of their first session and are satisfied with the session.


The Brain Wellness Spa Difference


Compassionate, supportive facilitators


Continually measured progress


Don’t relive painful experiences


Easy sessions & calming atmosphere


Natural, drug-free approach


Programs tailored to your needs



Bipolar Borderline Personality


Get Help 1300 884 348

Understanding The Taboo of the Broken Brain (Trailer)

Can alternative methods help three young Australians reclaim their minds from the clutches of mental health problems?

Embark on a journey that follows three young Australians who are making a final and desperate attempt to get control of their minds. Watch the trailer (5 mins)

Witness the Power of Our Proprietary Technique - Emotional Empowerment Program

Find out how effective our Emotional Empowerment Program is in relieving mental health challenges.

In this compelling documentary, we delve into the minds of three young Australians and attempt to heal their minds using alternative methods. Watch the doco (55 mins)

Living With Bipolar

Living With Bipolar

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Lainey’s Life of Stress, Burnout and Unhappiness

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Mental Health Challenges

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Brain Wellness Spa, but I'm sure glad I gave it a shot. You will be too. I was open to trying something that - to me - was very new. The Brain Wellness Spa is probably new to you too. You may…

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Nerida Beats
Stress & Need for Control

Working with Terri, has had a profound impact, and has turned my life around in so many ways. Being the type of person that always wanted to be in control of any given situation, created so much stress, that it was the root cause of my feeling overwhelmed. After only…

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Fiona Fulfills
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Recently I spent time with Terri, to help identify some subconscious beliefs that have been holding me back and stopping me from reaching my full potential. Just amazing is all I can say! In less than an hour I had got down to the very core of what was blocking…

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Patient Overcomes
Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dear Terri, My name is Dr Brett Watson and I am a Chiropractor who practices various holistic techniques in order to help patients resolve their health issues. I was impressed with the results from your work on one of our patients. This particular patient I had found to have heavy…

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Limb Paralysis & Stress

Notes From Terri Bowman, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: This is a case history of Aimee, a 21 year old Chiropractic student who was admitted with limb paralysis into the stroke ward at a major Perth hospital for 3 days, then discharged and then readmitted for another 3 days. Aimee’s doctor…

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Fiona Beats
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I first saw Terri about a year ago when she was talking to an auditorium full of people about the amazing work she was doing – she was so enthusiastic, and was so knowledgeable about how the subconscious mind controls our lives, I understood immediately and I was sure she…

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Jacqui Beats
Mind Chatter & Depression

Working with Terri really made a difference. I travelled from Whyalla (4 hours north of Adelaide) to Melbourne to see Terri. Before working with Terri I was quickly spiralling towards Depression and felt that my whole life and marriage were falling apart around me and didn’t know if there was…

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Rachel’s Over
Despair & Emotional Stress

Notes From Terri Bowman, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: When Rachel came for her session she was experiencing despair and emotional stress. It was difficult for Rachel to hold back the tears when she was in conversation with me. When she explained the nature of her sadness, it was heartbreaking for…

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Peter Beats
High Stress & Low Energy

I now feel like a V8, that’s just experienced a major tune-up. My personal energy levels have gone through the roof, the results from my business activities are soaring, my stress levels (high before) are way down, everything feels to be right on track, a wow sort of experience!!*

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Janette Beats
Stress & Fatigue

I had the Brain Wellness Spa Wellbeing therapy around a month ago, since then I have experienced more energy, mental clarity and emotional stability than ever before. I cant believe the change, it wasn’t instant but gradual, it took around 7 days for me to notice the significant change. I…

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Meet Our Team

Terri's-image images

Terri Bowman

Before creating, my own unique program (or starting the Brain Wellness Spa) I had been working with people facing mental health challenges in my own Perth practice using an alternative modality called PSYCH-K®, in an attempt to help them overcome depression, anxiety and

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What Your 1st Session will be Like

  • On your first visit, you’ll notice our spa is calm and welcoming so you’ll be able to relax from the moment you step inside.
  • Your one-on-one session is held in a private room with a facilitator. It is not required to relive your past in order to achieve a successful result.
  • The facilitator will explain exactly what our approach is, and how it could work to help remove painful negative emotions, thinking patterns and behaviours.
  • You will then be ready for your first session where you simply sit back and relax
  • The facilitator will then go through our safe, natural and 100% drug-free approach, which may help promote the removal of your bipolar.
  • After your 1st session, you may notice an immediate improvement in your thinking, emotions, feelings, and perceptions


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    for just $49 (normally $220).

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Rebecca Harrison

The Brain Wellness Spa has helped me to live a life I never imagined possible

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do however, have an hour where we aim to help you to discover what you are currently experiencing and what problems you have. Just imagine an invisible vacuum cleaner sucking out all of the bad stuff and leaving the good behind.
The Brain Wellness Spa is located at 15-51 Cedric Street. Stirling. 6021 WA. If you do not live in Perth or cannot access the Brain Wellness Spa in person, then the good news is that we have created an effective experience for you online, one that you can access anytime, and from anywhere in the world. Our professionally guided virtual sessions are just as successful as our face-to-face sessions! Call us to know more
Bipolar turns your world into a rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows. Dramatic mood swings between periods of mania and depression is exhausting. During manic periods you may feel invincible, able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Then all of a sudden you can be drowning in depression. And, in between the two, there are periods of feeling normal. Booking in for my unique program, and working with one of my highly trained facilitators, may help balance your brain to lessen your mood swings.
Bipolar disorder was once referred to as manic depression. It is difficult to diagnose. Two key signs are episodes of clinical depression and the highs where you feel hyper, wired or euphoric. Symptoms of mania include:
  • overly energetic
  • feeling invincible
  • sleeplessness
  • talking quickly and jumping between ideas and topics
  • becoming reckless and taking risks
  • becoming self-important
  • displaying anger or becoming aggressive when others challenge you
  • feeling jumpy, irritable or wired
  • having hallucinations or becoming delusional.
Symptoms of a depressive episode include:
  • lacking energy
  • sleeplessness or sleeping more than usual
  • no enjoyment or interest in daily life
  • feeling suicidal or thinking about death
  • forgetful
  • feeling flat or down
  • feeling tired
  • unable to talk or do anything.
Results vary depending on the individual. We have helped many people like you get relief from bipolar disorder. Some clients may have amazing results and others have a degree of relief. The results depend on the seriousness of your bipolar disorder, how long it has affected your life and your attitude in general.
Some people may see results after the first session. For others it takes longer. When you have struggled with the bipolar for years, working with us could give you relief and help you manage the cycles of bipolar. Our program may help you achieve a new sense of wellbeing and live a better life.
We offer a natural and drug-free approach to mental health. You will work closely, one-on-one with an experienced facilitator who takes you through our process in a private, relaxing room. There is no need to relive your past if you do not want to. We do not need to know this in order to assist you. You simply sit back, relax, put on your headphones and listen to relaxing music specially designed to calm you.
Our Emotional Empowerment Program Sessions and standard sessions are $230 per session. We are currently matching health care rebates – save $30 per session. To know if our program's right for you, try our Introductory session today for just $49, normally $230.

25 Mins Free Consult with Terri Bowman

Your first step towards mental health management is awareness.

Still unsure? Try our free 25 mins consultation with our founder, Terri Bowman. Discover whether our approach is right for you to get relief from bipolar.

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Supporting Family and Friends

If we ever notice your loved ones are suffering from mental health challenges, we should ensure they get the help & support they need.
Who knows, we may change their lives!

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Brain Wellness Spa Resources


Signs and Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

Every person experiences ups and downs in life, but when a person’s mood swings from both high to low (depression) and low to high (mania), and these extreme mood swings interfere with their ability to lead a normal life, they may be suffering from a serious mental health illness referred…

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Importance of Mental Wellness: Positive Psychology for Bipolar Disorder

Living with bipolar disorder can be tough. Previously known as manic depression, you can live a relatively normal life when you get bipolar help. A combination of treatment methods, such as medication, the support of friends and family, using talk therapy and positive psychology can help you cope with bipolar…

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How To Support Someone With Bipolar Disorder

We all come across difficult situations and experiences in life which can affect our mood in a negative fashion. However, when an individual suffers extreme or severe mood swings, either high to low (depression) and low to high (mania) or both in some cases, and these extreme mood swings largely…

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Bipolar Disorder in Children

While bipolar disorder is usually diagnosed in older children and teenagers, children of all ages can suffer from it. So what is bipolar disorder? It causes severe mood swings from euphoric highs to the lows of depression. As all parents know, children’s moods and behaviour are unpredictable. How they feel…

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Introductory Session

Brain wellness spa provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment so you may heal from your mental illness in comfort