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Here at Brain Wellness Spa, get insomnia help in Perth with our tailored and drug-free solutions to help alleviate your insomnia through our technique developed over 15 years. The effectiveness of our program involves an engagement with the unconscious part of the brain (your automatic brain), through the use of positive auditory stimuli, a technique created by Terri Bowman, our Founder. If you have searched for “best sleep specialist near me” and found that you are not achieving results in your recovery, it may be time to discover another way!


Whilst there is merit in discussing problems, finding a solution and progressing towards it is often more time-efficient.

Measured outcomes

Coaching that involves quantifying your progress where appropriate. Keep track of what is working and what is improving.

Understanding Insomnia

When we suffer from insomnia, we might have difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early. No matter how hard we try to rest, we don’t feel refreshed when we wake up. While in the daytime, we’re sleepy and tired and have trouble functioning. While Insomnia can range from having mild effects to becoming an acute problem, it is always characterised by lack of sleep. If you are looking for the best sleep specialist near me, speak to our team about how we may assist.

Different Types of Insomnia

Not all types of insomnia are identical. We can be affected by insomnia in multiple ways and the symptoms may vary from one individual to another

It is crucial that we are well informed about different forms of insomnia so that the correct solution plan may be administered.

Here are the three major forms of insomnia:

– Acute insomnia

– Transient insomnia

– Chronic insomnia

Commitment, understanding and overall excellence are the key stepping stones we utilise here at Brain Wellness Spa to help alleviate insomnia when looking for the best sleep specialist near me. Our team always goes above and beyond and assists you in a plethora of ways. If you are seeking sleep and insomnia help, contact us today and get ready to embark on a journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

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1 HR Introduction Session
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Initial Questionnaire
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Emotional Empowerment Sessions
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