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Start your journey towards mental & emotional freedom with our team here at Brain Wellness Spa. Although we are not life coaches, our team here at Brain Wellness Spa administers targeted sessions that aim to improve your thoughts and emotions to put you on the right path! The Brain Wellness Spa aims to positively impact people’s lives by reducing long-term mental health disorders using our drug free proprietary technique. We are proud to say that the majority of our clients experience immediate results from just completing the first session. Our unique alternative approach aims to assist you in stopping your negative emotions, thoughts and feelings which may help you find inner-peace and emotional happiness. When you hear the phrases “One of the Best life coach Perth” or even “One of the Best life coaches near me Perth” it may be time to try something new!

We are dedicated to helping you establish your confidence and clarity of purpose, in every area of your life. Whether it be your business, career, sport or relationship, you will experience the alignment and motivation to act on and realise your goals. Are you ready to create lasting change?

Personalised approached

No two clients are the same. Brain Wellness Spa facilitates change in a client’s life using what works for the client, not generic “advice”.

Life changing results

Tried and tested processes that have been shown to lead to results, not just feel-good rhetoric or inspirational quote recitations.

High degree of client assistance

High level of support that exceeds typical coaching short courses. Be assured your coaching is of superior quality and foundation.

Commitment, understanding and overall excellence are the key stepping stones we utilise here at Brain Wellness Spa to ensure that you receive an alternative service to what a best life coach in Perth may also provide. Our team always goes above and beyond and assists you in a plethora of ways. If you are seeking the best life coaches in Perth and are open to discovering a new way to change your life, contact us today and get ready to embark on a journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

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1 HR Introduction  Session
1 HR Introduction Session
Initial  Questionnaire
Initial Questionnaire
Emotional  Empowerment  Sessions
Emotional Empowerment Sessions
Progress  Reports
Progress Reports

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Introductory Session

Brain wellness spa provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment so you may heal from your mental illness in comfort