Peta’s Story – Anxiety*

How insomnia affects your health

Peta was living a life full of fear, anxiety and a lack of confidence. When a persons life is lived in fear and in fear based anxiety it becomes difficult to live a full life. Peta was too afraid to do even very simple things, even things as simple as making a phone call – she would work herself up into such an anxious state that she struggled to make calls. She was too afraid to go into shopping malls alone and life was just difficult and not enjoyable. Peta didn’t attend social occasions if she had to go alone and she was extremely dependent on other people.

After her first session Peta describes the experience as ‘something moved about 3 feet to the left’ inside of her head. She felt amazing. Her confidence grew and her fear subsided. Now Peta chooses to visit Transformational whenever she feels like she needs a boost or to a re-balance because she knows that she will feel better.