Stuck In A Never Ending Cycle Of Anxiety?

Discover The 100% Natural & Drug Free Treatment Thousands of Perth Residents Used To Finally Get Relief

Ever tried to fix your anxiety with conventional treatments? The truth is, for some people that could be a terrible approach.


Because these treatments may not work if your unconscious brain is “faulty”. In fact, since typical treatments focus on fixing your conscious brain you often have to DO more. 

If you stop going to sessions, stop doing your exercises, or stop taking medication – you could be pushed back down again. 

That’s more pressure on you.

If you can relate to the situation above, don’t despair.

Science has proven that 95% of brain activity is unconscious. It’s what goes on “behind the scenes” and it’s arguably the root cause of your anxiety. Without fixing the anxiety that lurks in your unconscious brain you’ll find yourself stuck in a horrible cycle.
At the Brain Wellness Spa we ONLY focus on your unconscious brain. 

Before I tell you more about that let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Terri Bowman. My Brain Wellness Spa has already helped thousands of people with anxiety. Right here in Perth. As a result we have been featured by major news outlets like the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and Perth

You’re reading this today because a dreaded cycle of anxiety is keeping you stuck. You’ve tried other methods and they’ve left you disappointed, dissatisfied, and wondering whether anything will offer lasting relief. 

That’s usually the point when people find our Spa. 

Like one of our clients Nathan. Things got so bad he even contemplated suicide. 

Here’s what he said…

“I was gonna end it all. I basically planned what I was going to do. I thought about making sure my family wouldn’t find me. I remember sitting there thinking about all this. I’d absolutely had enough. I tried everything that I’d thought of”.

Luckily he didn’t. He found an old business card in his desk drawer for our Spa —  and booked a session.
You can see the transformation that unfolded below

Nathan was able to break free from something that haunted him for years. 

Ready to have more confidence?

The blessing of a quiet mind, free from overthinking?

The ability to finally take the world on?

Freeing yourself from the shackles of anxiety doesn’t necessarily require harmful drugs or expensive ongoing treatment. 

You can start to see real change after only 7 sessions at the Brain Wellness Spa. 

But it doesn’t even need to take that long. 98% of our clients (based on 10 indicators) have a significant improvement in symptoms after their first session alone.

Like Jasmine…

Pretty cool for a 100% natural and drug free treatment 😉

Now, you are probably wondering how this works. 

Let’s talk about that…

When you are awake – you are “conscious”. You can speak, run, jump, draw, think, etc. All those wonderful things.

But how does your brain know what to do? What to think? Where does that come from?

A lot of what you do happens on autopilot. 

You know when you touch a hot stove you’ll probably get burnt. You know if you bite into a lemon it’ll be sour. 

These things are stored in your unconscious brain. Think of it like a storehouse for all your memories, knowledge and past experiences. 

Here’s the thing…

If triggers and trauma are stored in your unconscious brain, then you might start feeling anxious on autopilot too. 

It’s just the way your unconscious brain has been programmed!

If you have repressed trauma, or things that trigger your anxiety – chances are they’ll rear their ugly heads. Time-and-time again. 

So if you ONLY work on your conscious brain through traditional options then you could be missing the bigger picture.

Especially since 95% of brain activity happens beyond our conscious awareness!

Our treatment aims to “re-code” and heal that part of your unconscious brain. 


We sit you in a chair at our spa, play some music and speak with you. 

Yes I know that sounds simple but…

The actual words we say are designed to recode your unconscious brain. They have been developed (and optimized) over 14 years. With thousands of clients. 

You simply sit there and relax. Nothing intrusive happens whatsoever. The whole process lasts around 30 minutes. 

Our treatment aims to remove blocks and autopilot patterns that keep dragging you back into that dreaded anxious state. 

The results speak for themselves…

We’ve got hundreds of videos like that. From people just like you.

Remember – 98% of our clients (based on 10 indicators) have a significant improvement in symptoms after their first session alone.

These sessions usually cost $220. But you are not going to pay that if you buy it today.

I want to give you the opportunity to take that first session at a reduced price. You need to FEEL the effect for yourself. Once you do, I’m confident you’ll truly believe in the power of this. 

When you buy today your first session will only cost $79.

That’s a 64% discount. 

Now, I can’t offer this price forever. My spa fills tend to fill up quite quickly. Once it does I’ll need to shift our focus to our existing clients. 

This deal WON’T last forever. 

You can start the process of breaking free from anxiety by taking me up on this special offer. 

All you need to do is click the button below…

Special Offer – $79 First Session

Curious what your first session will be like?

It’ll be painless…

⮞ You will be greeted by a compassionate, empathetic and understanding QNR practitioner. 

⮞ You’ll be shown to a safe and comfortable private room.

⮞ We will ask you to share information about your mental health history (only what you are comfortable disclosing).

⮞ The practitioner is trained to identify underlying issues that can cause ineffective brain behaviour. 

⮞ After the evaluation, the practitioner will explain their findings to you.

Karl talks about how he felt after his first session…

Nothing too intense. 

You won’t have to dig up painful or traumatic experiences like other programs. You don’t even have to talk about the past if you don’t want to.

Sounds ok – right?

Relaxed. Chilled. No Pressure. 

For a limited time, your first session is only $79 instead of $220.

That’s less than a massage. 

And obviously FAR cheaper than some of the other alternatives out there.

If you are ready to try and break out of the cycle of anxiety we are here to help you.

Now you’ve heard all the information you’re at a crossroads. You have three basic options…

[1] You can choose to do nothing and continue living with anxiety. Hoping that it goes away on its own somehow.

[2] You can choose to try other treatments. Or things that simply mask the underlying problem.

[3] You can choose to take a “leap of faith” and book your discount session with us for $79, now, today. 98% of our clients (based on 10 indicators) have a significant improvement in symptoms after their first session alone. You could be one of them…

Don’t miss that opportunity.

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Special Offer – $79 First Session

Special Offer – $79 First Session