Acrophobia Treatment

Are you afraid of heights? Do you panic when you realize you’re high off the ground? Do you dread the thought of attending a meeting on a high floor of an office building? Do you close your eyes when scenic car rides involve higher altitudes? Does simply standing on a ladder reinforce the knowledge that you’re scared of heights? You may have acrophobia, or fear of heights, an anxiety disorder affecting some 5% of the population. Here at Brain Wellness Spa, we aim to administer a natural, contemporary and alternative mind technique approach that will compliment your acrophobia treatment or your fear of heights treatment.


The fear typically persists for 6 months or more. The symptoms of acrophobia are similar to those of other anxiety disorders. A person may experience the following physical symptoms at the thought or sight of places that are high up:


-shortness of breath


-dry mouth


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT involves a person working with a professional to help understand and change the way they think. In cases of phobias, this will mean how they think and feel about the thing causing fear. Here at Brain Wellness Spa we compliment your therapist, as we are not therapists, and provide a natural and innovative way of making you see things differently. We have staff that are eager to assist you and provide various insights on your acrophobia.

Join us on the journey towards mental & emotional transformation. We make sure that all your progress gets recorded so you can see for yourself how much you have improved. The best acrophobia treatment alternative and complementary service to ensure you are on the right track!

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1 HR Introduction  Session
1 HR Introduction Session
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Initial Questionnaire
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Emotional Empowerment Sessions
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