Terri Bowman

Before creating, my own unique program (or starting the Brain Wellness Spa) I had been working with people facing mental health challenges in my own Perth practice using an alternative modality called PSYCH-K®, in an attempt to help them overcome depression, anxiety and

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Ryan Skene

Ryan has an incredible depth compassion when helping people in their most vulnerable states. His sincere care and commitment towards positive client outcomes is instantly felt by everyone he meets. This allows Ryan to develop deep trusting relationships very quickly. Ryan was raised

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Lina Taher

Lina has a lifelong fascination about how the human mind and body has the capacity to recover, repair and adapt to a changing environment. She has personal, academic and work experience in this area.   She was born in Afghanistan and her family had

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Peter Howe

Peter’s in depth understanding of mental health give him insight into what people are going through when faced with these challenges. This makes him an ideal BWS Facilitator. Experiencing many years of depression and anxiety as well as drug addiction in his late

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Rachel Craig

Brain Wellness Spa Facilitator Rachel has a passion for helping alleviate the pain and suffering of mental illness. Her love of people and bubbly nature are infectious which helps people share their life’s challenges. Rachel has experience with mental illness firsthand, suffering with

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Melanie Spooner

Melanie’s unique perspective and extensive skillset combined with her empathic nature makes her an ideal BWS facilitator. As a trained professional counsellor and holistic psychotherapist with more than 9 years’ clinical experience, Melanie adopts a holistic approach when working with clients. Her caring,

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Belinda’s Bio

Belinda’s love of helping people with mental health challenges makes her an ideal BWS facilitator. She considers it a privilege to work with clients. It is all about encouraging and promoting behavioural changes so they can focus on their strengths and build

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