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Terri Bowman

Before creating QNR™, I had been working with people facing mental health challenges in my own Perth practice using a modality called PSYCH-K®, to help them overcome depression, anxiety and many other types of common mental illnesses. Even though in that time I was able to successfully help hundreds of people, I myself had… Read more »

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Kylie Butler

Kylie is an experienced QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) Facilitator who has studied and worked under the close guidance of Brain Wellness Spa founder, Terri Bowman for the last 10 years. During this time, Kylie has become a brain healing expert, achieving amazing transformations and rapid, life-changing results for clients who… Read more »

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Ryan Skene

Ryan has an incredible depth of experience and compassion when helping people in their most vulnerable states. His sincere care and commitment towards positive client outcomes is instantly felt by everyone he meets. This allows Ryan to develop deep trusting relationships very quickly, which is why he is achieving such… Read more »

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Jennifer Drusetta

Jenny is a deeply compassionate and understanding person, who has an amazing ability to connect and build genuine trusting relationships with people from all types of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. Jenny specialises in helping people who are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, a skill she… Read more »

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Kelly Redhead

Kelly has held a deeply ingrained passion for helping others from a very young age. This naturally guided her career path towards the areas of mental health and holistic wellness. After completing a Bachelor and Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Liverpool in the UK in 1999, Kelly… Read more »

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Deana Mayor

Deana is a caring and compassionate QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) Facilitator, with a deep empathy for people suffering with mental health issues. Her wealth of life experience across various countries around the world, combined with her genuine love for and inherent ability to connect with people of all ages on… Read more »

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Amanda Edmunds

Amanda is an approachable, caring and genuine QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) trained mental health practitioner, with extensive experience working with families in need. Her genuine interest in people, capacity to be present and passion to help others thrive are just some of the many qualities she brings to her beautifully… Read more »

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Allison Lord

Allison is a kind, caring and dedicated QNR™ (Quantum Neuro Recoding) trained mental health practitioner, with extensive experience in the areas of counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching, stress management and meditation. Her keen interest in and passion for meditation and the power of our minds grew substantially through five years… Read more »

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Molly Finch

Molly is an enthusiastic, caring, supportive and highly driven Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) Facilitator, passionate about helping clients achieve the personal success they long for. Achievement of a Bachelor Degree in Psychology as well as certificates in both Holistic Counselling and Meditation have given her the skills and knowledge required to facilitate making a difference in the lives of those… Read more »

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Stephanie Crevatin

Stephanie is a warm, compassionate and empathetic Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) Facilitator with over a decade of experience in the field of mental health. Stephanie holds a Bachelor Degree in Counselling, along with training in Suicide Prevention, Family Therapy, Art Therapy, Drug & Alcohol, Domestic Violence and Cultural Awareness, just… Read more »

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