98%* of Clients Suffering from Mental Health Issues Feel A Noticeable Change After First Session

Are you suffering from mental illness, including anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD and other emotional and mental health challenges? Our revolutionary, drug free, alternative approach can help you to stop the cycle of negative internal chatter and destructive behaviours, allowing you to find inner-peace and emotional well-being in your life again.

Our results-oriented treatment is 100% focused on helping you think, behave and live in a more positive way, from your very first session. We don’t dig up past negative experiences or emotional pain; instead we use our proprietary Quantum Neuro Recording™ method to release you from this negativity and replace it with more joyful and empowering ways of thinking and behaving each and every day.

We Specialise In Helping People Who Are Suffering From…



“I suffered from depression and a lot of anxiety for a long long time. I basically came here on a leap of faith. The first session...All I can say was amazing, and this is the BEST thing I have EVER done.” ADAM

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“I immediately felt calm, less stressed and I had that sparkle back in my eye. The feelings of loneliness, sadness and despair had dissipated and I felt clear headed and ready to take on life again.” JACQUI

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“No more road rage or wild spikes in aggression eating away at me. I feel good about myself and no longer resort to violence and aggression in situations that used to trigger me.” JAMES

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After only 1 session I’m a believer. All that urgency, anger, stress and constant mind banter disappeared. That black cloud of unjustified guilt has vanished and instead I just feel happy.” BEV

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“No more pain, no hard work, no going over and over my problems again and again because it’s not necessary to get the results. It just feels so great to smile again.” CHRISTINE

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“I was absolutely exhausted, really all over the place. After seeing Terri I’m the best I’ve ever felt. I have a lot more clarity, I sleep better, wake up better and I’m ready to face the challenges each day.” RALPH

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The Brain Wellness Spa™ has become my happy place. Terri & the team are rocking my world right now. I've seen incredible results with my anxiety and so happy to say that with the Brain Wellness Spa, exercise, meditation, reading & love and support I'm feeling better than ever.Before I found Terri and Brain Wellness Spa I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. Exasperated and almost without hope I gave Brain Wellness Spa a shot and I have never looked back. This approach is affordable and effective and I encourage you to try it. If you want to chat about my experience please call me on 0433004499 but please keep in mind I live in Perth, WA and be mindful of the time difference.

Nathan Cain
Brain Wellness Spa Client

We Have Helped Thousands Of Clients, Over The Past 13 Years, To Find Long-Term Relief From Mild To Severe Mental Illness

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How QNR Works

Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR)™  is a revolutionary, alternative approach that quickly and naturally promotes the removal of negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, and sensations from your brain, and replaces them with positive, more empowering ones.

Over the past decade we’ve helped thousands of mental health sufferers to attain an increased sense of wellbeing. The success of our method is based on its ability to communicate directly to the intelligence of your unconscious brain, which is different from most traditional therapies that focus on treating your conscious brain.

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Terri and the brain wellness spa has helped me immensely recovering from my anxiety and mental health challenges. The beautiful space made me feel safe and it is a comfort to know there are drug free solution to mental health problems out there. The team’s friendliness, compassion and dignity that is shown is amazing. Coming to the Brain Wellness Spa is one of the best decisions I have ever made in the time I needed help, care and support the most. Try BWS – even if you’re unsure of how you’re feeling but want to feel better, or had symptoms of anxiety or depression for years. Never be afraid to reach out for support – you are not alone – I did and I’m so grateful!

Tracey Jewel
Marketing Consultant & Author

Relief For 1000s of Customers

The last 13 years we have helped tens of thousands of clients find long-term relief from mild to severe mental illness.

11 Session Life Transformation

You don’t want to be seeing a counsellor forever. Our programs deliver guaranteed, noticeable results in just 11 sessions. In the case of long term or severe mental illness more sessions could be required.

Natural, Drug-Free Approach

QNR is a 100% drug free and natural approach for promoting improved mental health. Our approach is shown to get fast, noticeable results with zero drugs or side-effects.

Don't Relive Painful Experiences

Many traditional treatments require you to go into detail about your past. Our method gets results without digging up painful or traumatic memories.

Easy Sessions, Easy Results

Our process of creating positive change is easy and requires no significant effort from you. Come in, sit back, relax and let our experienced facilitators help you feel good again.

Works Where Others May Have Failed

Our revolutionary, 100% safe and natural approach is able to get amazing results where many traditional treatments may have failed. Try us, risk free before giving up hope.

“I wasn't sure what to expect from the Brain Wellness Spa™, but I'm sure glad I gave it a shot. You will be too. I was open to trying something that - to me - was very new. The Brain Wellness Spa is probably new to you too. You may be skeptical - as a journalist I'm encouraged to be skeptical and I was - but that doesn't mean something can't be done. It just means you haven't heard of it being done that way. I'd recommend the Brain Wellness Spa. Your brain belongs to you. Don't belong to it.”

Blake Johnson
Television News Journalist