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As Seen In:

Can alternative methods help three young Australians reclaim their minds from the clutches of mental health challenges?

We invite you to join us to watch “The Taboo of a Broken Brain” on the 9th of March at the Luna cinema in Leederville. This world's first compelling and thought-provoking documentary on healing mental illness using natural alternate methods was inspired by Terri Bowman (our founder).

Terri’s natural alternative method has treated thousands of people for more than a decade and you can witness firsthand how natural alternative methods can help people to heal from their past and live a more inspired life.

A Study

Embark on a journey that follows three young Australians who are making a final and desperate attempt to get control of their minds. Join them as they take part in an experiment that has been designed to test a new approach to mental health. Each participant in this study believes that they have a brain that is simply broken and cannot be fixed.

The Participants

Calli is a heroin addict who is fast reaching her rock bottom, Mia is locked in a battle with anorexia, and David who as a result of trauma has mood swings and emotions that are so erratic he does not know who he is anymore.

For all three, this is their last-ditch attempt at healing their lives and dealing with the stigma of the TABOO of a Broken Brain.

The Question

Is it time to look at modern alternatives to the worldwide epidemic of mental health problems?

Let Calli, Mia, and David tell you their stories as they participate in an experiment to understand their own minds, the stigma of their struggle, and the TABOO of a broken brain.

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How Can We Help You

We focus on the cause, not the symptoms and doing so we can address all of your triggers and patterns of sabotaging behaviour and help you to feel relief from your mental illness. Don’t just take our word for it, we are proud to showcase over a 100 case studies videos for you to witness the power and effectiveness of this technique. What can we help you with?


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At our spa we aim to help alleviate your mental and emotional suffering including addiction, anger, anxiety, bipolar, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, personality disorders, post- natal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

We strive to transform you to a more significant you. This includes positive self-esteem and heightened confidence, increased contentment, gratitude and happiness in your daily life and sense of clarity and optimistic outlook on life.

Our aim is for you to become an unstoppable version of yourself. We may help you perform at your best in high-pressure situations, clear out your mind for improved decision making, critical thinking and problem solving and an increased sense of motivation and determination.

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7 Proven Steps to Reignite Your Happiness

  • Discover why misery is more addictive than happiness and how to kick the habit.
  • Change your mindset, perceptions and attitudes.
  • Overcome the negativity that limits your possibilities for happiness.
  • Prioritise activities that bring you joy.
  • How to raise your happiness threshold.
  • Quick life changing secrets for a happier life.

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