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Switch Your Genes On For Success
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With Unstoppable You, you are going to experience extraordinary changes in your life. You are going to feel your true success potential as:

  • You break free from your limitations and beliefs that stop you from being extraordinary. This includes in your career, in your family and in your relationships with others
  • All patterns of failure that sabotage your success are removed. You will create amazing changes in your business, career, and in your relationship and attitude towards money and finances.
  • Your thinking, thoughts, dreams, desires and goals will be within reach as you experience new focus, clarity, determination and an improved effort and work ethics.
  • You experience a redesign of your genetic blueprint as your genes will literally be switched on for success, enthusiasm and passion for your life. You will feel excited about your future.
  • Attract more opportunities in your life including work and social opportunities as well as chances to expand and thrive in an increased social circle. This happens because you will be your authentic self.
  • Your performance across all areas of your life will improve. Your motivation, concentration, perseverance and attitudes will all be working at a much higher level than ever before.
  • All of your negative default patterns are eliminated which means that you will no longer default into thoughts, emotions and feelings of money fear, scarcity thinking, money limitations or the notion that your life is not abundant.
  • Your current level of ability will increase as you access your minds hidden intelligence and creative power.
  • You experience an amazing flow to your life so that business, work, career, family, socializing and learning will all reach a whole new level of satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • You feel confidence and certainty about your future and you will have access to your success potential meaning that you will never feel like a failure, not good enough, undeserving or a fraud.
  • You have a new mastery over your thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour that leaves you feeling completely in control of your life and your ability to create a positive and incredible future.
  • Your mindset will become ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ and you will rise above your challenges to become an extraordinary achiever.
  • Unstoppable You, in a nutshell, is exactly that, it is you, exactly as you were born to be – absolutely free from emotional and mental limitations.

Hear why people are raving about Unstoppable You

Switch Your Genes On For Success

You already have the coding in your genes and your DNA to be unstoppable, however 95% of people experience a block accessing this coding. This comes from beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviour and patterns of thinking that we acquire through life, that are based in negativity and this stops your brain from accessing your success potential. If, like most people you have this negativity bias, it causes your brain to work 80% harder just to keep you in a balanced state. Your brain is blocked from the subconscious because it is so busy just trying to survive the day.

To access your success potential you have to break free from the survival patterns that your brain is locked into. This is exactly what Unstoppable You does.

Unstoppable You removes all of the negative patterns of behaviour that have been forcing your brain into survival mode and scarcity thinking and gives your brain 100% access to your success potential.

Unstoppable You Will Unleash Your Hidden Potential

In only ten days your will experience a transformation that will break you free from:

  • Your past – eliminating your connection to all past emotional suffering
  • Your parents past – eliminating all of your inherited emotional suffering
  • Your grandparents past – again, eliminated any emotional suffering you may have inherited

When you are no longer conditioned to your genetic heritage you can move forward and life your life at a whole new level with complete access to your innate intelligence and creative power.

Try Unstoppable You Before You Put Your Hand In Your Pocket Try

You can now try Unstoppable You with our amazing free trial download. You can use this from the comfort of your own home. You will feel what it is like to access your hidden intelligence and creative power for ten days – absolutely free.

All you need to do is lie down in your bedroom with your eyes closed for 30 minutes as you play the audio file. Within 24 hours your brain will be switched on and you will feel more excited about your life, yourself, and your future.

This free trial has been specifically designed by Terri Bowman of the Brain Wellness Spa to you give you the opportunity to experience the power of Quantum Neuro Recoding or QNR, a technique that has been successfully changing brain behaviour for more than a decade.

Terri found extraordinary success with Quantum Neuro Recoding after first studying in a specific kinesiology in the UK and Germany. While Terri found the type of kinesiology useful for her clients she was concerned about the lack of permanency in the work – her clients time and again defaulted back into their problems. It took ten years of constant work to create the foundation for Unstoppable You – called Quantum Neuro Recoding. This technique works at the genetic level to actually change brain behaviour. Terri’s initial work, which continues to this day, was focused on solving mental and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and post trauma. But she knew that she could do so much more for so many more people.

With this in mind, Terri then took Quantum Neuro Recoding to a whole new level by creating incredible success programs. These programs work on the potential of the brain to literally program it for success making it unstoppable in the face of challenges and obstacles. Terri’s success programs have been specifically designed for those who want to do more and go further and faster in the pursuit of personal success.

Unstoppable You, you are going to experience extraordinary changes in your life. You are going to feel your true success potential as:


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business people
  • Sales executives
  • Elite athletes
  • Speakers
  • Corporate and public speakers
  • Attorneys


Unstoppable You is an extraordinary asset for anyone striving toward goals and successes. Terri has been a leader in the field of changing the genetic behavioural patterns of the brain allowing people to break through their own psychology and emotional limitations to gain access to the unique genius of the brain for more than ten years. Her success is absolutely unparalleled and she is here to super charge your success. With Unstoppable You, you will:


  • Think in a consistently positive manner
  • Bounce back from setbacks with enthusiasm and solutions to problems
  • Work harder with focus and determination
  • Create positive networks
  • Be unfazed by negativity and problems
  • Encourage others and see potential where others do not
  • Think clearly
  • Create solutions
  • Take responsibility

All of this occurs because of Terri’s years of work in helping people to their Peak Performers, High Achievers and Self Mastery levels of potential. Terri Bowmans Quantum Neuro Recoding is revolutionary, extraordinary and after more than a decade in the making it is available to you now.


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