Phone Session

Australia Wide Help For Emotional & Mental Issues

The Brain Wellness Spa is currently located only in Perth, Western Australia, but this does not mean that we cannot help you. Due to international demand, and domestic distance issues we do now offer our programs over the phone for many of our clients. These phone sessions are every bit as effective as the sessions that we offer in our local treatment centre in Perth. The delivery is very similar, and the results are just amazing.

To receive your Brain Wellness Spa treatment over the phone, bookings are absolutely essential as the demand is very high at this time. We also ask that you take the time differences in to consideration. If we call and find you unavailable then you will need to re-book and it can take some time for another appointment to become available. Our phone sessions are generally booked out many weeks in advance.

Contact us to make an enquiry about how The Brain Wellness Spa can help you via a phone treatment.