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Are you struggling with Personality Disorder?

Try our unique treatment that will help you towards a more positive, joyful and happier life. 98%* of our clients have a successful result in their first session or it’s free. Recover from Borderline Personality Disorder and other mental health challenges today.



Everyone is unique and an individuals personality will develop as they transition through their own personal life experiences. While most people are can learn from past experiences and change their behaviour when need, those with personality disorder often struggle.

For individuals diagnosed with personality disorder they often suffer from extreme thoughts and behaviours. These extreme thoughts causes individuals a lot of trouble coping with every day life.

People with personality disorders get very strong feelings that they can’t ignore, and which cause them to act in a way that they can’t control no matter what is going on around them. They have trouble relating to situations and other people, and often end up experiencing significant problems and limitations in their relationships, social encounters, work and schooling.

We are here to help, 98%* of our customers have a successful result in their first session. Our guarantee – if you don’t experience a change in your first session, it’s free.


If you have personality disorder or otherwise called borderline personality disorder (BPD), you might feel like you’re on a roller-coaster— with your emotions, relationships and who you are.

People with BPD are often extremely sensitive. Individuals suffering from BPD often describe  it as feeling like an exposed nerve ending. Small things trigger intense reactions and once upset, you often struggle to calm down.

This emotional volatility and instability often turns into  relationship turmoil and impulsive and damaging behavior. When you’re in the throes of emotional overwhelm you’re unable to think straight or stay grounded.

Some signs a person has a personality disorder include:

  • Frequent mood swings
  • Being extremely dependent on other people
  • Narcissism (when you admire yourself and your appearance)
  • Stormy relationships
  • Social isolation
  • Angry outbursts
  • Suspicion and mistrust of others
  • Difficulty making friends
  • A need for instant gratification
  • Poor impulse control
  • Alcohol or substance abuse


These are just some of a number of symptoms that you might experience if you have Personality Disorder. These identified symptoms are not designed to provide a diagnosis – for that you’ll need to see a doctor – but they can be used as a guide.



Here at the Brain Wellness Spa we help people just like you to break free from the grip of Personality Disorder so that you can embrace life with confidence, clarity, certainty and a sense of knowing that you are safe and that everything is going to be OK.

Brain Wellness Spa has developed a drug free solution called Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) which has revolutionised the way we treat mental and emotional illnesses. Using QNR we help people just like you to break free from the grip of PBD so that you can embrace life with confidence, clarity, certainty and a sense of knowing that you are safe and that everything is going to be OK.


No drug treatment

Don’t stay drugged up on prescriptions – they only mask the problem. We look to the cause of why you think and feel the way that you do.


No drawn out therapy

On average it takes 8 sessions over 11 weeks to solve all of your problems but in severe cases of mental illness it could be more than 8. We will be able to identify that within 5 sessions.


Success guarantee

If you don’t get successful results at the end of your first session, your session is free of charge. We currently have a 98% success rate.*


Watch out Brain Wellness Spa explainer video for more information on how we can help you treat your BPD using our Quantum Neuro Recoding technique.


Once we break down all the emotional barriers that stop you from accessing your inner potential, you will soon be on your way to enjoy better quality of life.

In step 1 we spend an hour discovering why your brain behaves the way that it does. Once we have discovered the causes of the reasons why your brain is behaving the way that it does we will then proceed to your treatment session.The session of discovery is free of charge.

Step 2 is your treatment session. Your facilitator is highly trained in changing brain behavior using our proprietary technique QNR. Whilst you lie back in a comfortable reclining chairs listening to music that is designed to relax your brain so you can destress and switch off from your problems, you facilitator will then instruct your unconscious brain to recode your neurons to change all negative behavior from your past that causes you to think and feel the way that you do.

In step 3 your facilitator will then ask you to open your eyes from your treatment session. Your facilitator will ask you a series of questions from your baseline indicators that were gathered from the discovery session. We look for change from your first session and we promise if we cannot change the way your brain thinks and feels from your very first session your two hour treatment is free of charge.

Once you are happy with the results we then proceed to book your future sessions. On average it takes 8 sessions over 11 weeks to solve all of your problems but in severe cases of mental illness it could be more than 8 but we will be able to identify that within 5 sessions.

We are all about success so we track and measure your progress during your program so you can be happy with the progress and outcomes of your treatment.


Borderline  Personality Disorder is not a fight you need to do on your own. We know that we can help you with our Emotional Empowerment Program, a program that will have you living a fuller life sooner rather than later.

If you do not experience immediate relief from the overwhelming feelings of your Personality Disorder at the completion of your first session at the Brain Wellness Spa then you have nothing to pay, Your session is FREE!



Michelle has been diagnosed with severe anxiety, complex depression, borderline personality disorder and post traumatic stress. She has spent numerous times in public and private mental health hospitals and her doctors had labelled her as too difficult to treat.

Michelle was brave enough to share her journey before she started treatment and her story after she finished with our program.

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Before I found Terri and Brain Wellness Spa I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. Exasperated and almost without hope I gave Brain Wellness Spa a shot and I have never looked back. This treatment is affordable and effective and I encourage you to try it. 


Terri Bowman is the creator and CEO of Brain Wellness™. For almost a decade Terri has been successfully working to help people overcome a myriad of mental illness and emotional problems and her results are an absolute revelation. Terri doesn’t believe clients need to pay for expensive therapy to get the help they need, which is why she has set up her unique stress treatment centre in Perth.

Her mental and emotional help methods give you the ability to handle your issues in a way that suits your specific needs. She is here to offer a BPD treatment that is original and successful, giving you the relief you so highly-sought after.

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