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Meet Simone

Simone comes from an academic teaching and research background and studied psychology, criminology and justice. She received her Honours in 2010 and her Doctorate research focuses on the importance of perceptions. Simone has a unique understanding of mental health and substance abuse issues, family law and relationships, domestic violence, behavioural problems, cultural awareness and safe planning which she has garnered through years of university teaching and researching.

Having performed in roles that deal with sensitive issues, Simone is well-practiced in employing utmost discretion and her communication, counselling, and coaching skills combine to compassionately empower our clients. Simone first became interested in the Brain Wellness Spa when she heard of the extraordinary results.  She attended the Brain Wellness Spa as a client and experienced the successful outcomes for herself.

The Brain Wellness Spa released her from triggers and negative thinking patterns which had led to her ongoing battle with anxiety and depression for the past decade. Since having treatment at the Brain Wellness Spa, Simone is living a life of belief, hope, positivity and energy.

Simone has lived in Perth her entire life and is the proud mother of two young children. Her education, experience and nurturing personality have made her the perfect addition to the team at Brain Wellness Spa. Simone has completed an intensive training program and is a fully qualified Neurotherapist.

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