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Ryan was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and moved to Australia with his family in 1990, as his parents wanted to provide him and his siblings with greater opportunities. He grew up in a nurturing and supportive environment with his identical twin brother and older sister. His upbringing emphasised the importance of family, and instilled in him strong morals and values.

Ryan’s passion for equality, along with his desire to help others, led him to complete a degree in Criminology and Justice. After completing a coaching course, he taught at university, an experience Ryan was grateful for as he was able to help educate and guide others. He also had involvement in a number of research projects which allowed him to further develop both his communication and interviewing skills.

Following this, Ryan went onto work for a number of state and federal government departments, one of which was the Department for Child Protection. Ryan worked in the field as a Child Protection Officer which involved implementing intensive case management, support and monitoring of vulnerable families, children and at risks youths. Ryan’s experience in the criminology and social work fields saw him working with people from all walks of life and sensitive subject matter, where the importance of confidentiality and coaching skills were key. This has given Ryan an understanding of the emotional plight experienced by of others, including children.

He has also undertaken Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness training programs. The understanding and knowledge Ryan gained from these tools enabled him to overcome his own mental health issues with anxiety. On top of this, Ryan attended the Brain Wellness Spa and feel in love with the instant positive results it had on his mental health. Ryan has a special interest and love for helping improve the life’s of others in the gay and lesbian community, as he understands the conflicts and challenges faced by this community. After completing an intensive training program, Ryan is now a fully qualified Neurotherapist.

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