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Meet Joanne

Joanne has done a full circle coming from psychology studies and now returning to complete them since coming on to in-house staff at Brain Wellness. “I started a psychology degree but realized early on that while it is valuable it didn’t do for people what I wanted it to. I wanted to fix problems in the brain and that is what we do here – we don’t need to prod at people’s pain, we just make it go away”.

After suffering anxiety her whole life but not knowing what it was and only realizing how debilitated and unhappy she had been when it was gone did she decide what she wanted to do. “I thought I was out of my mind. I didn’t understand why I didn’t want to leave the house, turns out I wasn’t crazy, it was a severe case of anxiety.  After that was no longer part of my life I wanted to do everything I could do to make sure no one has to suffer with it for as long as I did, or in silence as I did.”

Joanne has qualifications in communication and journalism and is now completing a Bachelor of Applied Science with a psychology major – with specific interests in the psychology of grief and the psychology of stress.

Joanne has undertaken a comprehensive training course under the guidance of Terri Bowman and is now a fully qualified Neurotherapist.



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