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Chanel has had a passion for working with people and helping others since a very young age. After completing high school Chanel went on to attain qualifications in Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction and Youth Work.

She has worked closely with people of all ages and from all walks of life; with sensitivity for the struggles faced by today’s youth and the stigmas attached to mental health and addiction. Chanel prides herself on being open-minded and non-judgmental with an understanding for the pressures of society and the ways in which people cope with them.

As well as working in the mental health field, Chanel has a degree in Communications and has worked as a broadcaster and journalist with a number of her stories focused on youth and mental health.

Currently, Chanel is a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, studying Holistic Health Coaching. Her course is focused on the correlation between mental health and physical health. She hopes to teach people that in order to be at your peak physical level, first your mind needs to be mentally healthy.

She has also been through her own struggles with mental health and suffered from debilitating anxiety for a number of years. Chanel witnessed firsthand the inconsistencies and difficulties associated with mainstream mental health care, the Brain Wellness Spa offered her a new approach with outstanding results.

Under the tutor-age of Brain Wellness Spa’s CEO, Terri Bowman, Chanel is now a fully qualified Neurotherapist ready to help others increase the quality of their lives.

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