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Could you please explain exactly how it is done?

QNR interacts with the connective memory between your neurons, DNA , genes and chromosomes to change memory patterns that cause you to think and feel the way that you do.

QNR is like no other therapy treatment because it goes deep into memory layers and stops the unconscious brain from accessing memory that causes triggers such as behavioural patterns that are linked to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression.

QNR changes the brain immediately leaving you feeling free from your past and a complete sense of inner peace. QNR stops the brain from the ruminating thoughts that leave you feeling depressed and overwhelmed about your life and circumstances right from the end of your first session.

To understand the process please watch the explanatory video.

Do you use any neuro feedback device?

No the Brain Wellness Spa uses QNR which is a propriety treatment like no other.

Do you use any electromagnetic waves?

No the Brain Wellness Spa uses QNR which is a propriety treatment like no other.

Do you use any sound wave device or binaural ultrasound? 

No the Brain Wellness Spa uses QNR which is a propriety treatment like no other.

Do you use any micro-current device?

No the Brain Wellness Spa uses QNR which is a proprietry treatment like no other.

How much are the sessions?

Sessions are $195.00. You can find more information about our pricing on our price list page.

Where are you located?

25 Lyall street south Perth across from the zoo.

Is QNR like hypnotherapy, nlp, eft etc?

QNR is more advanced than hypnotherapy, nlp, eft where as with all other treatments they focus on one problem at a time. The Brain Wellness Spa treat all of your problems and we know that outside of severe mental illness you only need 8 sessions to solve all of your problems from conception until now.

Is it permanent?

Yes, we work on breaking all behavioural patterns from childhood and work on the genetic behaviour as well. We help people break free from all condition associated with childhood. We help to recode your brain to adopt new behaviour that is positive, happy, joyful, balanced and peaceful.

Is it like counselling or psychotherapy?

No, we do however have an hour where we discover why your brain is behaving the way that it does and we get you to share with us what you are currently experiencing and what problems you have. In your treatment session we proceed to remove the problems out of the brain.

Just imagine an invisible vacuum cleaner sucking out all of the bad stuff and leaving the good behind, we reset your brain to feel new again.

How come we can claim a 98% success rate?

We get you to indicate what you are experiencing before we start. At the end of your first treatment session we are looking at changing a minimum of two indicators for a successful result.

Only 2 % of people we see fail to remove the stress indicators out of the brain at the end of the first session. If we cannot change a minimum of two indicators then it is free of charge and we know that QNR isn’t effective to help you to recover from your problems.

If we do change the indicators we know that your brain is will to accept a new life .

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