The Best Mindfulness & Meditation Apps

Meditation has been used in Eastern civilizations for thousands of years. Yet only in more recent times have we had the technology and scientific research to substantiate the specific benefits that meditation and mindfulness practice can bring to a person’s life, such as:

  • Reduces Stress, Anger, Anxiety and Depression
  • Improves Concentration
  • Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Choices (diet, exercise, and reducing smoking, alcohol and drug use)
  • Increasing Self Awareness
  • Promotes Happiness
  • Become More Accepting and Patient
  • Slows Ageing
  • Benefits Cardiovascular and Immune Health

And as with everything these days there are a number of great Apps available to help support your meditation practice.

Today we’ll look at some of the best apps we have found when it comes to meditation.



Insight Timer

There is a good reason why Insight Timer is now one of the world’s most popular meditation apps. The app contains over 4,000 guided meditations from over 1,000 teachers. There is also 750 meditation music tracks or simply tracks that have intermittent bells for those of you who enjoy a quieter meditation practice.

The app also aims to develop a community approach to your meditation practice showing you how many people are meditating with the app when you are and you can also set your location to see how many other meditators are using the app in your local area.

The Insight Timer approach offers you a huge selection of meditations that you can select depending on your needs or focus for each day.




Just like Insight Timer Omnova has a large buffet style selection of meditations that number in their thousands. This beautifully designed image heavy app initially comes with 10 meditations contained within it when you download it. You can then access their store to find and download the specific meditations you are searching for. Around 755 of these are free with the remaining 25% coming at a small fee.

Co-founder of Omnava Vishen Lakhiani, says around 50,000 people meditate to their intermediate “6 Phase Meditation” every morning, which guides meditators through a number of various practices over the course of 20 minutes, including gratitude, forgiveness, and connection.

Beginners are advised to start with the eight-minute “Day 1” session, until they feel comfortable with practicing the longer meditations.




Calm give users access to a wide range of guided meditation experiences. Although their selection is much smaller than some of the apps we have mentioned above this can sometimes be a blessing making it easier to choose for those just getting started.

The meditations rang from 3-30 minutes in length and focus on everything from Loving-Kindness, Forgiveness, and the popular the Body Scan session. There is also the 7 Days of Calm sessions that are a great place for beginners to start their meditation journey.

Inside the Calm app you’ll also find over 20 sleep stories that visualise everything from scenic landscapes to science fiction, then there are the breathing exercises, unguided meditations, and more than 25 soothing sounds to help you get  great nights sleep.

All in all it is a compact easy to use mediation app that is great for beginners.




Headspace is another great app for people just getting started with meditation. There is a sequence of 10 10-minute meditations that led you through session and explain what each of the is all about. The app focuses on promoting consistency in your meditation practice with a progress page and a reward system when you use the app each day.

Once you have gone through the initial 10 session sequence you can purchase more specific meditation sessions depending on what you aim to achieve with your meditation.

So there you have it 4 of the meditations apps available today. Obviously depending on your level of experience and reasons for meditation you may want more support or guidance and this can be achieved through attending local meditation groups.

What Else Can You Do?

If your goal is to reduce stress, anxiety, depression or just to have a calmer and more positive mind there are also many great natural, drug free therapies available today that use proven systems to help improve your mental health.

One such treatment that has been helping client achieve amazing and rapid results is the groundbreaking Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) that we offer at the Brain Wellness Spa, which is revolutionising the way we treat mental and emotional illnesses. 98% of our customers* receive relief from their symptoms in their first session and if they don’t, the session is free and provided at no charge.

If you’re struggling with controlling your emotional and mental well-being due to the constant noise in our everyday lives, get in touch with the Brain Wellness Spa today.

*Based upon a client self-assessment survey, results may vary from person to person

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