Is Depression Curable Without Medication?

When faced with the reality of dealing with depression, more and more people are searching for alternative treatments that don’t rely on antidepressant medication. **

Some people will even seek out resources, information and techniques that will help them recover on their own, and whilst it is great to be proactive in your journey to overcome depression you will get much better and faster results with professional help.

The type of professional help you seek can come in many forms. But there is more and more evidence, both from scientific research, and also from real life case studies that shows that Depression definitely is curable without medication.

At the Brain Wellness Spa we achieve amazing results through our drug free treatments such as the 8 step Emotional Empowerment Program are often faster, more effective, and do not come with the many of the problematic side effects associated with antidepressant medications.

To explain how this is achieved let’s look at what depression really is.

What Is Depression?

Depression occurs when your unconscious brain is unable to cope with your conscious behaviour.

For example a conscious behaviour is when you begin to think about a problem, maybe it is losing a job. So you sit there spiralling down a negative thought path thinking of all the mistakes you made and all the problems you will face now that you are unemployed.

This is all happening in your conscious mind, meaning you are aware of these thoughts. But this consistent negative thinking now starts to feed into your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind then feeds negative emotions and feeds into everything you do and everything you think about doing, causing you to feel depressed.

So curing depression does not require you to have or to get everything you want in your life. Yes, a new job may help relieve some pressure, but it is your perspective on what is happening in your life that is the greater cause of depression and mental illness.

This is why therapies like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and many other alternative treatments have made such a positive impact into the world of mental health over recent years.

These alternatives to antidepressant drugs are so effective because they help to improve the way you perceive your reality.

Perception is linked to your sensors and your sensors are linked to your feelings and emotions. If you are not experiencing a life full of joy and happiness, it is often because your thinking and thoughts are in a negative cycle. Meaning you perceive everything as negative.

When this occurs your brain will default into a mood that supports what you are experiencing internally, and this mood is what we call depression.


How Perception Improves Depression

To give you an example on how powerful your sensors are let’s look at how many people feel depressed in their everyday life. Maybe they have a job they hate, their relationships with their spouse and children are strained, and they feel overwhelmed by obligations and responsibilities.

Yet when they go on an overseas holiday they forget all that and feel positive, happy and joyful for a week or two. Once they return home to their everyday life it triggers the negative thinking patterns they had before their holiday and they become depressed again in an instant.

This scenario plays out all the time, so the focus must remain on changing your perceptions, not using drugs to tell yourself you are happy. If you change your perceptions, you change your beliefs and once that happens in a positive way your depression naturally lifts.

It’s true that positive activities such as exercise and being around people you care about, and who care about you can, help lift your mood, but ultimately it’s your thinking that needs to change to naturally cure depression.

And that is why the all natural treatments that we provide at the Brain Wellness Spa are able to consistently achieve success rates of around 98%* when dealing with depression and anxiety.

Natural Treatments For Depression

We use a proprietary technical called QNR, which stands for Quantum Neuro Recoding, and it works in the unconscious brain which, as discussed, is where the root of ALL emotional and mental problems are found. Think of your brain as an iceberg, with only about 20% jutting out from the surface of the water and the remaining 80% is underwater and cannot be seen.

QNR works on the part of your brain that is ‘underwater’, the unconscious, whereas other treatment options only work on the 20% of conscious ‘above water’ area of the brain.

Find out more information about drug free treatments for depression.

*Based upon a client self-assessment survey, results may vary from person to person

**Note that the advice given in this article should never be viewed as a replacement for medications or other recognised treatments and/or therapies without qualified medical advice from your doctor.

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