Do You Suffer From Workplace Performance Anxiety?

Workplace performance anxiety is a very common form of anxiety that now affects a large number of adults working in all types of professions. In fact psychotherapist and business performance consultant, Jonathan Berent says that workplace performance anxiety has become “an epidemic.”

Yes, it is quite normal to feel awkward and sometimes worry about tasks and upcoming responsibilities at work, but when that anxiety begins to control you and your professional decisions it can be a serious problem.

Left untreated it can negatively impact your life and your career in many ways such as:

  • Missing opportunities for career advancement or better earning capacity.
  • Harming professional relationships.
  • Making you feel inadequate both at work and at home.
  • Constantly feeling like you are trying to hide your weaknesses from bosses and co-workers.
  • Missing out on fun events or chances to grow as a person or professional.
  • Stopping you from trying new things, sharing ideas or reaching your full potential because you are afraid you will mess up or look silly.



What Is Workplace Performance Anxiety?

Workplace Performance Anxiety symptoms are often the same as general anxiety disorder symptoms. But the triggers that set off workplace performance anxiety can vary from using the company toilet, to making a large presentation in front of the bosses.

A recent survey conducted via Facebook and Twitter of professional women highlighted some of the main causes of workplace performance anxiety.

  • Avoiding people because you are unable to make conversation
  • Excessive worry about work related task or deadlines
  • Fears of appearing nervous in front of colleagues or bosses
  • Speaking up during a meetings or conference call
  • Remembering people’s names
  • Eating in front of colleagues
  • Using the company toilets when others are in there
  • Attending team-building exercises
  • Interacting with bosses
  • Being attracted to a colleagues or worrying when someone is attracted to you
  • Making a presentation or performing and type of public speaking task
  • Being interviewed for a new job
  • Keeping up with technology or new learning new skills
  • Asking questions when you are unsure how to complete a task you have been assigned
  • Giving feedback to employees or co-workers when you see a mistake they have made
  • Interacting with bosses
  • Being seen on a webcam
  • Attending company social events
  • Forgetting tasks that you are responsible for
  • Being seen as incompetent, lazy or unqualified
  • Not wearing the appropriate dress

If you find that any of these triggers or any other events, tasks or responsibilities cause you to feel anxious in the workplace it’s important that you take steps to overcome workplace performance anxiety before it gets worse.



Tips To Help Reduce Workplace Performance Anxiety

1. Recognise The Symptoms

Understand the triggers and symptoms that cause you to feel anxious is the first step to overcoming the disorder. (This article is a great start.)

2. Talk To A Trusted Boss or Co-Worker

Having someone in your workplace you can talk to about your anxiety is important and helps you feel like you are not facing it alone.

3. Talk To A Therapist

If you don’t feel like you can talk to someone from your work having a therapist who to talk to can really help. Finding a therapist who specialises in workplace performance anxiety is will ensure you get the treatment and support you need to overcome your anxiety for good.

4. Practice Good Time Management

Deadline pressure is a leading cause of workplace anxiety. By planning and preparing your work ahead of deadlines you will have one less thing to worry about.

5. Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are under pressure or are uncertain of what to do. You can always return the favour next time your co-worker needs help themselves.

6. Avoid Negative Co-Workers

Sometimes we all have to work with people who don’t make us feel good for one reason or another. Try to keep your distance from these people and if it becomes a problem don’t be afraid to ask to be moved away from them permanently.

7. Give Yourself Credit

When you do something well or complete a task be sure to take the time to savour the success and congratulate yourself.

8. Leave Your Work At Work

Avoid taking your work home with you or answering work calls and emails outside of work hours. You need to be able to set boundaries and give your mind time to refresh and relax.

9. Stay Healthy

Be sure to eat fresh, nutritious foods, get daily exercise and enough sleep so your mind is clear and alert.

Get Help With Workplace Anxiety

If you feel that your workplace performance anxiety is negatively affecting your life on a consistent basis then you need to seek professional health. Perth’s Brain Wellness Spa specialises in the treatment of workplace performance anxiety and can help be happier, calmer and more confident in work situations. This program is provided as part of our 8 step emotional empowerment program which uses a proprietary technique called QNR which can drastically improve your mental well-being.

For those wanting to perform at high levels in their employment or business we also have our pioneer program called Unstoppable You.  This program will help you to break free from your limitations and beliefs that stop you from being extraordinary. This includes in your career, in your family and in your relationships with others.

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