Clients with Anger Issues Report Noticeable Improvement After 1st Session

Uncontrolled anger and aggressive behavior can impact your life significantly. We have developed a non-traditional approach to anger management that has supported hundreds of clients in improving their overall sense of well-being. Our clients report feeling better able to control their anger and their aggressive behaviours after completion of our program.

While anger is a normal and healthy emotion to feel on occasion, it can have serious consequences when it is frequent and excessive. Explosive anger problems can cause you to:

  • Hurt or scare your partner, your kids, friends or others around you
  • Lose control in situations that would normally trigger a sudden spike in rage, such as in traffic or with family.
  • Worry about aggressive, uncontrollable outbursts
  • To feel highly strung, upset, stressed and heavy all the time
  • To use anger as a defense mechanism when dealing with others
  • To lose career opportunities or friendships because of the inability to control emotions

Some of our clients have reported being aggressive, impatient, or quick to lose control their whole lives and have sought traditional treatments to no avail. After their very first session with Brain Wellness Spa, these clients experience a noticeable improvement in their sense of well being and are more confident about their ability to manage their emotions. Clients who complete our Emotional Empowerment Program for Managing Anger can achieve an ongoing sense of manageability over their anger.

You can feel more confident in your ability to rebuild relationships, be a better parent, partner, friend and coworker. You can let go of those feelings of guilt, shame and regret over your past aggressive behaviour. You can achieve wellness and have a better life.

I thought it was hocus-pocus. But after coming to Brain Wellness Spa there’s no anger anymore. I used to trigger to 10 in rage in an instant. Now there’s still emotion but it’s more like a 3, and I don’t let it affect or control me anymore.


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