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The Brain Wellness Spa is Amazing. QNR technique is very gentle but oh so powerful. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Melanie Robinson Perth WA.


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Do you feel like you have tried everything? Are you convinced that nothing is going to help you? Well we promise that you haven't tried everything and we promise that we can help you. We specialize in the elimination of emotional and mental suffering. This includes depression, anxiety, trauma, sadness, worry, fear, and negativity. .

Your initial consultation is absolutely free of charge, and if after your first session you don't feel like there has been a positive shift in they way you feel then you will absolutely not be charged for the session. There is no risk and nothing to lose. Our clients walk in feeling blue and walk out feeling new.

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Nathan Cain – My Journey With Brain Wellness Spa*
Before I found Terri and Brain Wellness Spa I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. Exasperated and almost without hope I gave Brain Wellness Spa a shot and I have never looked back. This treatment is affordable and effective and I encourage you to try it.
I welcome anyone who is considering Brain Wellness Spa to call me personally to ask about my experiences. You can reach me on 0433 004 499
(please note I am in Perth, Western Australia and consider the time difference if you are out of state - thank you)

Why not take a look at the testimonials our clients have given us to give you a chance to understand how our Brain Wellness™ transformation therapy works. Our goal is simple: to help the people of Perth get the best mental health treatment that best suits them.

Put an end to your emotional pain and suffering and find some much-needed emotional relief by calli us/a>

Our Brain Wellness Spa offers treatments you cannot get anywhere else Proudly providing Perth and Australia with mental health therapy that is purely natural. The Brain Wellness Spa™ is the only clinic of its kind in the world.

The revolutionary methods we offer from our extensive spa menu have been created as alternative optionsto traditional practices. For drug free stress therapy that really works*, visit our wellness spa today.

Are You Ready To Start Feeling Brand New Again?

Emotional freedom is a very big part of what allows you to enjoy your life. It is what enables your ability to feel secure in your decisions, to feel confident about your value as a person, and it is also what allows you to relax and rest peacefully. If your life is not equipped with emotional freedom then you will often feel suffocated by your responsibilities, insecurities and you will often be weakened and exhausted by worry. Imagine no longer feeling overwhelmed by: stress, pressure, fatigue or any sense of not being able to cope. Brain Wellness Spa can eliminate these feelings for you. The solution is so simple because we have done all the hard work for you. Our solution only asks that you book a free consultation and a risk free session – if we don’t make a difference, you don’t pay.
How often do you say ‘no’ to:

  • Accepting new opportunities that could change your life?
  • Invitations that could open new doors for your career, your love-life, social life, or even the life of your children?
  • Attending social events because you lack the confidence or the energy?
  • Taking on new responsibilities or challenges that could boost your profile amongst your peers
  • Does it feel safer or easier to simply say ‘no’ because saying ‘yes’ feels uncomfortable?

If the reality of embracing new opportunities is too much for you then Brain Wellness Spa can help you. Imagine how different you life would be if you were no longer too tired or to insecure within yourself to attend events, meet new people, and accept new challenges. In a short time you would have new friends, new skills, and a new social calendar. We offer a free consultation valued at $150 and if you do not notice a difference* at the completion of your first session then that first session will be free of charge.  There is nothing to lose. Why not embrace this new opportunity now as a first step toward a much more fulfilling and confident life?

Positivity is an extremely powerful gift to have in your life. Some people have it naturally, however, most people find it to be elusive and difficult to maintain.

  • Do you feel positive about the people in your life, your family, your children, your friends and your colleagues?
  • Are you someone that radiates goodwill and kindness?
  • Are you a person that attracts happy and kind people into your life? Is your life filled with those who are on your side?

If the above does not apply to you, then Brain Wellness Spa can offer you an amazing gift – the gift of becoming a naturally positive person. Imagine feeling good about the challenges that come you way. Imagine being able to take life as it comes and enjoy every minute of it because you know that you will be okay. A positive outlook will be an absolute revelation in your life because it will change everything for the better. You will attract good people who have good intentions because you yourself will have good intentions You will attract fun people into your life because you yourself will be having fun. You will attract love into your life because you feel love in your life. There is nothing more powerful than positivity.* Brain Wellness Spa can help you bring this amazing gift into your life, and we are so confident that we will succeed that we offer you a free consultation valued at $150 and a promise on your first session – if it is not effective*, you do not pay. Embrace this opportunity today and live a brand new life tomorrow – it really is that powerful.*

There is no more destructive force in your life than negativity. It will corrode both your physical and mental health, it will hurt you while you are asleep and it will harm you while you are awake. Your negativity will even upset the people around you, especially those closest to you. Negativity is a brain pattern and Terri Bowman of Brain Wellness Spa has the solution that stops negativity* – the only solution of its kind in the world. When you eliminate negativity you:

  • Attract the right people into your life
  • Stop making poor decisions
  • No longer sabotage your own life
  • Become attractive to the people around you
  • Find confidence in yourself and instill confidence in the people around you

Negativity is not a choice, however you can choose to eliminate it. At Brain Wellness Spa we are so confident that we can help you that we offer a free consultation, usually charged at $150. In addition to that, we also promise that your very first session will be a success* and if it is not, then it will be absolutely free. You cannot go wrong by choosing to book a session with us today.

Meet Terri Bowman – leading Perth in natural depression treatment

Terri Bowman is the creator and CEO of Brain Wellness™. For almost a decade Terri has been successfully working to help people overcome a myriad of mental illness and emotional problems and her results are an absolute revelation. Terri doesn’t believe clients need to pay for expensive therapy to get the help they need, which is why she has set up her unique stress treatment centre in Perth. Her stress help methods give you the management tools to handle your issues in a way that suits your specific needs.

Through her work she has established that depression, anger, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and so many other challenging and upsetting issues can be removed from one’s life without slow demanding treatments or management sessions. She is here to offer a depression treatment that is original and successful, giving you the relief you so highly-sought after.


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